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Re: Information on ALL the Settings on V3i?
Posted by: 5900_XL-1
Date: December 28, 2017 08:23PM
I agree. What’s needed is a V3i for Dummies book. There are a lot of terms and abbreviations that are not explained in the Users Manual or the Advanced Users Guide. Some topics are skipped over. Also needs the ability to export and import programs, flash the software via a usb port to expand the pull down menu choices for new coils, etc.

I've had the V3i since 2010 and in following most of the detecting discussion sites all the time since then, the biggest thing Whites Electronics has failed at with the V3i is by not revising the user manual. I can understand that the V-series mighta come off the production line "hot and heavy" when introduced. A more current, and well assembled users manual is way too important in a machine like the V3i

Whites seems to me to just want to have the owners run field tests for all these years without THEM following up on documentation revision. That just seems neglectful for a profit-company

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