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which version V3 is recommended to someone new to whites
Posted by: Tajue17
Date: August 23, 2018 04:41AM
just bought a MXsport and I like it so far and when I like something I see what else they have,,, so question is the V3 models,, theres different models maybe updated versions but is there a favorite that was perfect,, maybe they went to the next version and it was too hot!! how about a previous version that came with a certain coil?

anyway you know where i'm going,,,,,,, which one has the most fans?

Re: which version V3 is recommended to someone new to whites
Posted by: wasp
Date: August 26, 2018 01:55PM
I have the MX Sport and the V3i. I like them both very much. The Sport is waterproof as you know and fairly simple to operate as a turn on and go machine. The V3i is a much more "adjustable to personal preferences" machine which makes it my favorite of the two.

The original V3 was upgraded to the V3i via a software update by White's. As far as I know that has been the only upgrade. (it's hard to improve on perfection)

The VX3 is basically a V3i with fewer available adjustments.

I think if you like the Sport you would love the V3i. I'm a fan of both.

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Re: which version V3 is recommended to someone new to whites
Posted by: MackDog
Date: September 16, 2018 10:04PM
I have Both and love the versatility of the V3i and it’s analyzing capabilities. It’s not waterproof so I need the Sport

You left some infoi out but here are some White's related comments.
Posted by: Monte
Date: October 10, 2018 05:25PM
It would be helpful to know what type(s) of detecting you like to do and the typical search site challenges you generally encounter.

just bought a MXsport and I like it so far and when I like something I see what else they have,..
What have you been using and what drove you to get the MX Sport? How long have you owned it, and have you used it enough to really know its strengths and weaknesses for your needs? Which search coils do you have for it other than the stock 11" DD?

,, so question is the V3 models,, theres different models maybe updated versions but is there a favorite that was perfect,
The Spectra series was introduced a number of years ago and it was called the Vision. As they dealt with some early release bugs thy changed the name to V3. As it progressed to a final version with most things addressed it was called the V3i and since then it has had a few enhancements. So there really is the V3i that comes with a 10" DD coil, or the low-cost, kind of 'stripped-down' version, the VX3 that comes with a 950 Concentric coil.

As for 'perfect,' there are a lot of very good detectors on the market, and White's has offered many through the years, but none of them, from any manufacturer is really 'perfect.' No such thing as a 'perfect' metal detector.'

maybe they went to the next version and it was too hot!! how about a previous version that came with a certain coil?

anyway you know where i'm going,,,,,,, which one has the most fans?
There will be a lot of followers of one specific model but they can have some very different opinions about search coil selection, as well as how some detector models handle various types of hunting.

I have a good friend who, years ago, bought a White's M6 from me to get started in this great sport. He was intrigued by the Spectra V3i and bought it. But he went even farther. He didn't just buy it to use it haphazardly, he studied it, learned it very well, and made great progress mastering the V3i. Matter-of-fact, I only know of one individual who I feel has a better command of that model, and he's an detector engineer. He uses an assortment of search coils to best fit the site challenges and get the better results from that model.

After the MX Sport was introduced he bought that model and also the 7" DD coil made by Detech for White's. Naturally he put in ample time afield for both Coin Hunting and Relic Hunting applications to learn it well. He has the V3i and MX Sport. He gets out detecting as often as he can. He attends Relic Hunting Outings we hold each year. And which detector does he use the most? His MX Sport.

He enjoys both models, but it seems he's more comfortable with the feel of the MX Sport as well as the ability to handle challenges we deal with at some tough sites we hunt. Just suggesting that you make sure you put in ample time to know and be comfortable with the MX Sport before you jump to something else to have to learn and master.


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VX3 - most underrated detector I think
Posted by: vito
Date: October 11, 2018 03:02AM

Never thought I'm going to overpraise a Spectra model from White's,
but you never know before you swung one.:detecting:

In the past I owned a lot of detectors from different manufacturers and have
to say I absolutely love White's detectors. Some more, some less
The main detector used in the past was the MXT. Think this is the moment to mention
the kind of hunting I do.
Mostly I hunt open areas, farmland, sometimes iron littered.
On those fields coins and relics are found, dating back to the 15xx's.
And it was the MXT what gave me most of success in the field. I liked the simplicity and
the power this machine offers.
Now having the complete arsenal of White's coils for the MXT (except the 5.3 and the 9" spider)
I got a great deal on a VX3 I couldn't resist and all I can say is, I don't regret this buy.
Read the manual and set it up in the back yard to get all signals the MXT was getting.
Surprisingly I got few more clean signals from the VX3 while doing the test.

Right now after some field use I have to say, what a wonderful detector.
Simple to set up, well balanced, build like a tank and punching deep thanks
to the 3 frequencies.
To me THIS is the real MXT on steroids.:thumbup:

So my advice will be, If you own a White's model like the MXT, MX sport, MX7, MX5
and do own some coils for it, give it a try if the V3i is to much "set up" for you.

I absolutely love my VX3.

IMHO -vito

Re: VX3 - most underrated detector I think
Posted by: Southwind
Date: October 11, 2018 08:18AM
Well I got a buddy that would question your affair with the VX3 LOL.

For years I used many different machines from Compass to Master Hunters with a buddy. It wasn't until 1991 when I bought a Whites Spectrum Eagle everything changed for me. Until then I had pretty much come to the conclusion most the detectors on the market were the same gizmos in a different box. The Spectrum change that. We have a city park that was founded in 1883 to host one of only two official Mexican Bullfights ever held in North America. That was in 1884. It's been a public park ever since so one would think there should be lots of goodies to be had. Well for many year we always tested all new detectors at this park and never found much more than the occasional wheat from the 50's.

We assumed it was either hunted out, we had a local Garrett dealer who had been hunting before myself, or there was just nothing there. The day I got my Eagle Spectrum I and two club buddies went to Wright Park as usual to test the new machine. I turned it on and stepped in the grass and GB'd then started swinging. In less that 5 swings I had a sweet hit reading in the lower 80's so I had my buddies check it out. First was the Tesoro Toltec which gave a sputtered sound but nothing he would dig and the Master Hunter gave no tone at all. They wrote it off as junk. I just couldn't get past how clean and solid the hit was and being a new machine I told them I was going to see what it was. They stood in total AWE as out of that hole I pulled 3 wheats, 3 silver dimes, oldest was a barber, and a silver war nickel. I could walk two steps without repeating the same over and over again. I would estimate 85% of the holes had more than 1 coin in them. There was just payer upon layer of coins. Over the next few years I ended up pulling over 2000 coins just by that band shell going back as far as the 1880's.

You see what we hadn't realized was the Arkansas River ran right along the park. The river had a history of a major flood every 30-40 years which would deposit 3-6" of mud each time. The coins were very deep. Until the Eagle Spectrum we had not had a detector that would go deep enough reliably.

I cleaned that park with the Eagle Spectrum for years until it stopped giving up the goods. I thought it worked once, I'll try again and bought an XLT. I wasn't impressed and it didn't get the goods any better than the Eagle Spectrum. I then bought a DFX and again I was back to pulling the goods for several years. The DFX gave me just a few more inches and that made the difference. Then again the goods stopped. I tried the V3i but it just wouldn't produce. I hated the idea of going to something other than Whites after so many years but all the rage was about Minelabs Explorer SE and the E-Trac. I bought the Explorer SE Pro and it didn't seem to get me any deeper than my DFX so I moved up to the E-Trac. I was in heaven again. For several years the park was given it out. To this day I still use that park to judge detectors. I've tried them all in an area where I know for a fact the coin are there for the detector that can reach them.

The real treasure is in the hunt...

Re: which version V3 is recommended to someone new to whites
Posted by: vito
Date: October 11, 2018 12:46PM
Hello Southwind.

You're correct by saying there are detectors that will detect deeper.
And there are some having less weight for sure.What I mean was
I like White's technology most. But that is a personal preference.

Depth is still a factor, yes. But it is not all to me. I like to have fun
while out detecting, enjoying fresh air and exercise....
and dig some stuff except iron. The shrapnel will fool you enough.
And there are lots of them.

Oh, about the affair, don't tell my wife, please. :wink:

All the Best

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