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What I posted on another forum
Posted by: steve herschbach
Date: March 14, 2009 07:44PM

I posted this elsewhere:

"OK, I tend to get excitable over new detectors. And so I like posting about them as part of the fun. And for whatever reason the new Vision is pushing my buttons. The problem is that when I go on in my bubbly fashion people accuse me of hype, which hurts my little feelers (as my wife would say). So I think I'll keep the majority of my kid with a new toy nonsense confined to the new Vision Forum over at Find's where like minded fan-boy's will be hanging out. That way I won't be having people here saying "Oh, Gag me"! Not that I will not hang out here and answer any specific questions about the unit (hope to have one soon) but I'll keep it at that. Look to others for in-depth comparisons to other detectors as I'm not much in the mood for that can of worms these days. I'm just going to go use it and have fun. So if any of you are interested in mindless babble about new toys I'll see you there."

So I'm hoping this can be the place who people who do like what the Vision has to offer can hang out and have fun talking about it without people dropping in and raining on our parade. If the Vision is not you cup of tea I'm sure OK with that. If you like something else better, that's cool. But allow us our place to have our fun.

Prepare for some excitable posts from ol Steve. I feel like a kid just before Christmas!

Steve Herschbach

Re: What I posted on another forum
Posted by: lytle78
Date: March 14, 2009 08:17PM
I'm assuming that the Vision is going to be in "regular release" - not like the TDI where you have to go in to a dealer and learn the secret handshake. When do you expect to have units to sell?

I liked what you posted - brand loyalty is a funny thing - folks get so defensive about what they've spent their good money on. It's quite understandable, but leads to some pretty ugly exchanges where Mr. X is absolutly going to prove that Brand Y is crap and anyone who bought one is a fool. When they do that in Brand Y's "playground" it gets ugly pretty quick. Hopefully the rabid fanboys of downunder will let us have our fun undisturbed.

I see that Bjorn in Norway has taken notice of the V. He is convinced that that hoard of Viking silver is down there somewhere - just out of reach of his downunder machine.

standing by for further reports

Rick Kempf

Re: What I posted on another forum
Posted by: steve herschbach
Date: March 14, 2009 10:26PM
Hi Rick,

I can understand and totally agree that on non-machine specific forums people can and should state they do not like a unit for varied reasons. I get annoyed sometimes when I post a positive review, however, and get accused of trying to "sell" people on the unit. I could care less what people buy or if they buy at all. I just like yakking about metal detecting. The whole idea behind a machine specific forum like this one, however, is the understanding that it is for people who do like or are interested in the machine to learn more about it. It really is a fan club of sorts.

I've used all sorts of detectors that are very good unit, but at the end of the day they just did not appeal to me for one reason or another. But I'm more into talking about what I like, not what I do not like. So I don't spend time on why I don't like this or that machine. They are good units, just not my cup of tea.

I'm kind of schizoid in that on one hand I prefer very simple detectors with knobs. Never really took to menus all that much. This unit changes that for me due to it's "Live" controls. Long story short gotta have one of these. It has features I find compelling.

Truly, the primary market for the unit is coins, which means everyone in dealer land. I expect this machine will be widely available soon. Nothing like the TDI situation.

Steve Herschbach

Re: What I posted on another forum
Posted by: Uncle Willy
Date: March 14, 2009 11:20PM
Yeah I've never seen a detector that I actualy hated and I've field tested a bunch of them. I try to remain on an even keel and objective about any of them. No one makes a really bad detector or they wouldn't be in business for long. I wouldn't mind checking the new White out to see how it stacks up to the competition and the expectations of everyone waiting for a world shaking innovation to appear on the scene. We've all been waiting for something really new to appear on the horizon rather than a revamp and re-packaging of old ideas disguised as new technology.

For anyone who has been in this hobby for a couple of decades or more we know that detectors haven't really advanced that much - just more bells, whistles, and tricky electronic and digital gimmicks that appear to be innovative..I own 9-10 detectors in price ranges of $200 up to $1400 and the $200 machine will find just as much as the $1400 detector will and without going through a slew of menus and adjustments.



Re: What I posted on another forum
Posted by: bfodnes
Date: March 15, 2009 06:33AM

Im convinced there is many hoards and single finds we have had our coils over without having the detector report it. Part of that is too deep, part is masking and lazyness unmasking the hard way ( digging iron ) and part is lack of sensitivity towards lower conductors at only a few inches depth in between the iron.

In this new vision i see we got many new useful tools to help out with those problems. I ll wait to talk about what i see until i have got my own Vision but im sure you see the same thing. There is many new tools, many !!!

I feel like a kid on christmas really. This looks to be the first real new detector for the new millenium. Even if my old detectors work as they used to do ofcourse they now look like something they used to detect with during the civil war. LOL...

Lets play and learn and when you come to Norway we can excange our settings out in the field too....

This board is going to be flooded with posts so i think we will need a different board for sticky classroom educational posts.



Re: What I posted on another forum
Posted by: Southwind
Date: March 15, 2009 07:36AM
I'm just the opposite Uncle Willy.

I believe those "bells & whistles" when used correctly, do give you better performance. I've just seen it first hand too many times to believe they don't add to a better detector.

I have perhaps the perfect location for putting those bells & whistles to the test. Wright Park was established in 1888 and has been a city park since. It sits along side the Arkansas River which has a major flood on an average of every 30-40 years. Each flood has deposited from 3-6" of silt/mud making the coins very very deep. In some locations as deep as 2'. Over the years I have been able to recover coins in the 10" with ONLY the very best detectors. The DFX and the Minelab SE have been the best performers by far. What makes this site perfect for testing a detector is that you know the coins are there, so it's up to the detector to get down to them or not.

I've tried many many detectors at this site and not many could pull out those very deep coins. As I said, the ones with the bells & whistles seem to be the only ones that can still produce from this site. Can I positively say it's the bells & whistles that make the difference? No, not conclusively, but I do feel very strongly that they do give the advantage.

I have one area in this park that works great for testing the performance of a detector. It's wide open and in a main part of the park. The floods seem to have deposited an ever deeper blanket from the south to the north. On the south end I have dug 1880's coins at the 7-8" depth and about midway I can only get coins in the 1930's and 40's at a depth of 10". There is a 2' wall that surrounds this area, and on the south you can see about 1 1/2 feet of the wall that still sticks above ground level. On the far north end the ground level is now even with the top of the wall. At one time it also was 2' over ground level, but now is flush. That can only mean the floods have deposited silt/mud from roughly 6" on the south, to 2' on the north. I know the coins are there and depending on a detectors performance depends on how far north I am able to still recover coins. The DFX and the SE are the only detectors that I have tried that can still pull those coins at mid-field, or roughly 10".

Re: What I posted on another forum
Posted by: gmanlight
Date: March 15, 2009 08:37AM
Steve i know you can take the heat !!! I envy you getting to try cutting edge equipment some times before its release
I had 5 different brands and now have 4 I don't care who makes it as long as it does what it was meant to do.
I already see people trying to put this machine in a bad light So you keep writing and i will keep reading.
I may never try one but i like to know what is out there. I am not much for programs that's why my VCR is still blinking ha-ha
Good Luck Mike

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