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Google Earth has made a change that is bad for us....we need to contact them....
Posted by: gitterdug
Date: May 05, 2015 09:01PM
One of the things I have always loved about Google Earth, was that if I was zoomed out, I could do a search for Cemetery, or Church, or School, or Spring, or Chapel, or any number of other words that might indicate where I could hunt. Little red dots would appear all over the map showing a location that was that type of place, or had it in the name.

Well, I tried it today, and it is no longer supported. I tried it on Google EArth Pro, so if it works on the regular GE, please tell me! What a LOSS for us as metal detectorists.....

I would like to offer up, that we, as detectorists, as individuals, need to contact Google Earth and encourage them to return that feature to Google Earth so that we can use it. Instead of the dots, there is now a window pane in the left side that shows the results, but the search does NOT include all the things it used to. In my opinion, it degrades the usefulness of Google Earth for finding the out of the way places.

Anyone care to comment? Perhaps an online petition? Something to show that a large number of us want that feature back.

Re: Google Earth has made a change that is bad for us....we need to contact them....
Posted by: LabradorBob
Date: May 09, 2015 06:50AM
I have regular G.E. .
This is all still there under the layers tab,lower left hand side.
What shows on google earth is according to what you have checked there in the boxes.
for instance,click on the little plus sign beside MORE to expand it,Then click the plus beside Place Categories,
Click in the box beside schools,then click the plus sign beside places of worship.then click in the boxes you want to show on G.E.
its amazing all that is in there if you browse through it.

Don't forget the points of interest in Historic map works
just click on your state.


Remember to keep those coil covers clean!
Go to the Maps and mapping forum here:

Nope, that is not the case, imho, perhaps I did not explain the issue succinctly:blowup:
Posted by: gitterdug
Date: May 11, 2015 06:28PM
And I am truly looking for an answer, not trying to be confrontational about it, But I think you misunderstood the issue. It has nothing to do with the check boxes at all, at least from my historical searches I have performed over the years.

So Labrador Bob, Please help me understand.

If I was in an area of Google Earth, and performed a search with the word "church" in the search field (not the name of some church, but the category of church etc), a whole bunch of red dots would show up on the map. I could go to each one, and it would show me the name of it by clicking on it. Or I could zoom close and see ruins there, or where a past church used to be. Same for any number of other examples. It was like a wild card search. I could look up camps, churches, chapels, cemeteries, , crossings, etc.

When I contacted Google Earth Forums, This is what transpired:


I upgraded to the GE Pro version when it became free. On the old version of Google Earth, I could back outward (i.e. higher elevation) on the display, and do a search for a category of things, such as church, or cemetery, or chapel, etc.

The map would then fill up with red dots at all known locations.

Today, I tried to do that sort of search, and I am getting a specific list to the left panels area. I am not seeing my red dots. I know for a fact that there are small town churches and cemeteries that used to show up as the dots.

Can someone tell me how to get the dots to show back up on GE Pro?
barryhunter responded with this:
Unfortunately the feature has been removed, see
Now by going to the forums, this link produced this:

Joshua LankarLevel 1
Apr 28
Please Help,

I was using Google earth as a way for me to organize the business's I have approached with my product. If I was to search "napa auto parts" every napa auto parts store would pop up as a red dot throughout north america, then i could scroll down to a respected region. However recently when I type in "Napa auto parts", only a about 8 locations pop up at any time as a balloon and it makes me click on page by page in order to display locations on earth. Simply put I cant see all the napa auto parts stores throughout north america or all of any companies locations for that matter.

How did do i do this? How do i get this functionality back

Please help!

Thanks a bunch

ME: This is the equivalent as using the wild card search terms as I was describing in my original post.

Abby, with Google responded as below

Abby - Google Maps Community Manager Google Employee
Apr 28
Hi Joshua,
Thanks for visiting the Maps Help Forum!

Unfortunately, this functionality is no longer supported.
I will pass along to the team that you're looking to see all search results on the globe, instead of the 10 listed on the first page. As a tip, one way to make sure you're seeing locations in a specific area is to zoom into a specific area, and then search results should be focused for that viewport.


So, in conclusion, it does not appear to be what you suggested Labrador Bob, at least not as I read what you posted. Instead, we have lost the red dots, which were very useful, as my original post stated. If I am missing something, please explain again, how to get those red dots back......If not, then perhaps we should act in concert and express to GE that we want that capability to at least be something you can turn on. I thank anyone for their time in helping to resolve this.

With Respect,


Re: Nope, that is not the case, imho, perhaps I did not explain the issue succinctly:blowup:
Posted by: rbholt80
Date: January 22, 2016 01:08AM
i always keep several older versions of software and google earth is one of those i dont trust to keep feature the same to long. if your able i would downgrade to an older one and see if you get it back.

Re: Google Earth has made a change that is bad for us....we need to contact them....
Posted by: BobOso
Date: February 25, 2017 01:00PM
Thank you for the tip, your never too old to learn. I was unaware google earth could do that. I'm using version 7.1.7 build date October 2016 and that works.

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