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Google Earth Questions
Posted by: Bell-Two
Date: August 05, 2015 11:39AM
It seems as Historic Map Works does not allow overlays anymore at least not for my area SW Ohio, there is no longer and overlay option on the township maps that it pulls up. So I went to Google Earth and with a bit a playing around I was able to do and overlay. Some Questions

1. Is there a best size of a pic of the old map to use, that is one that aligns better.

2. Is there away to increase size of each map separately ie. Shrink or expand size of old map while not changing size of GE map...or vice versa.

3. Any type of file format better for the old map.

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Google Earth Questions
Posted by: LabradorBob
Date: August 09, 2015 05:10AM
Size of the saved map really doesnt matter, you can change it once you do an overlay.
i pick points on the google earth map and size the overlay to correspond with it to match points together.


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