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Maps for your phone with property boundaries and owners names
Posted by: mntnflyr4fun
Date: March 21, 2017 07:34PM
I recently purchased a subscription to a service that provides detailed map data of the whole country. This map data can be purchased as a chip or as a download, renewable either yearly or if you buy the chip, when you want it.....probably depends on the kind of hunting you are doing...I originally purchased it for big game hunting and fishing access and immediately saw the potential for detecting.

The data is presented in map form, topo, combined and a satellite view as well. Property owners are clearly identified with boundaries of their properties....Zoom down to rooftop

The company is OnXMaps out of Missoula Montana. You can download a free trial on their site.

This stuff works even when you have no cell service as long as you download and store the maps you will want offline on your phone ahead of time. I did about 1/2 of Western Oregon with 3 maps....

Also can purchase a chip that installs on a Garmin handheld GPS, but the screens are so ridiculously small that it makes it very hard if not impossible to use.

Anyway, it works for me....

$100 per year for subscription, at that price might want more than one use for it......

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