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The Treasure Room GeoGlyph's of England
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 04, 2017 12:13PM
It's a catch-22 with treasure hunting. You're happy when you can see these sites and locate every one of them, but along the way....along (with) the searches comes the painful realization that Americans have been soooo ripped-off by the secret societies. And as for the so-called experts, they treat us like mushrooms. Let's look at some very cool geoglyph's found in England which, without a doubt, work in conjunction with Stoned-Henge, to point the way to the treasure accumulations in that region.

Uffington Horse is a most generous geoglyph of this persuasion, however, there are many other geo's conntected to this Uffington Horse. Looking at a photo of Uffy you'll see two legs actually attached to the body. The body is the trail, and the two legs signify two days...two days to end of trail (treasure room). One "leg" is the number 7, pointing to a campsite (on the 7th day God rested). The horse has an owl (treasure room) for a face. One back leg is "cupped" in the "water" symbol. There's more, but his horse iS a treasure glyph, and so are his buddies. All together, this horse says... there's a campsite here, and the next treasure .room is two days away. Water is here (very vital). The main thin-line body of the horse is an actual representation of the trail, which can be followed/traveled on google.

The so-called experts cannot explain these geoglyph's like the Uffington Horse...or......should I say.....that they use the typical run-around, that they are beauitful to look at and that we need to protect them from the we're going to turn them into golf courses.

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