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These Treasure Maps Known As GeoGlyphs
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 04, 2017 12:40PM
Like all things you see on television, you're lucky if you get a FULL story, or the full truth, about ANY topic. And what better place to start than at the geoglyph's that lead to treasure...because you see....we WERE told about the Nazca Lines and other geoglyphs found around the world, and it's plain to see that these are some sort of directional markers/informational billboards... leading to ????. We were told of lines (geoglyphs) that might be leading to airports-on-earth for alien space travelers, but thaqt was it. nadda. It makes sense that if a "culture" is willing to go through the hassles of creating airport runways and signs leading to them....then they'd most likely be marking out everything else of "value," water sources.......easily protected, silver, etc. And as we now know....they DID DO exactly that.

Check out some photos on google of these world-wide geoglyph's. If you're good, you'll know the "topic" of each one, for the same system is still used today.

While you're at it....check out "bent tree's" and "Indian trail trees". These are also found at these geoglyphs sites as part of the "ground-trail" that leads to the treasure room.

Re: These Treasure Maps Known As GeoGlyphs
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 04, 2017 02:57PM
Once you understand this system of coded symbols, signs and such-you can go on a trip throughout the world, and see things that change the truth about certain places. Machu Picchu...for example.

Google to Machu....go to 1 mile on the scale....with Machu Picchu being center of screen. Now look "downhill" along the Urubamba River and you'll spot a space-alien-looking rock monument, with weird eyes, one of them (eyebrows) points "up" to the left, to a nest of owls. Owls exist all around this monument, in both Geoglyph and Monument.

Now look the other way from Machu Picchu, uphill.....and see the faint eyes that match the eyes of the first monument (evil). These are Alpha and Omega monuments, and Machu Picchu sits in the middle, but it's (Machu Picchu is) less important than the sites around it....which is where all the gold is. If you scan these valleys around'll see that this point is nothing but a campground for the miners who mined the metals. This is fact.

Re: These Treasure Maps Known As GeoGlyphs
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 05, 2017 02:50PM
Knowledge of geoglyph's is obviously an anomaly (we were NOT supposed to know this stuff).....there are some folks who would have preferred that I never said a word about these guaranteed treasure sites at your finger-tips. But as with everything the Elite do, things come in "sets," as in "two sets of books." And in keeping with this theme, then it's not hard to see why the "partner" to the set that the geoglyphs came in would be none other than the ground monuments that lead to these same treasure room locations (if you have the map and can decipher that map). These treasure trails are very complex, and will throw you off faster than a Bronc at a Rodeo.

I spent 30-some years learning and then revealing this information. I never did know it all, only enough to find every treaswure room in the world that uses this same system. But my point here is all that time i spent learning was (again, this is a catch-22) is now useless, or let me say "not as important" as these geoglyph's. You DO NOT need 30 years to learn these geo's.....a month at the most. Owl=Treasure room (opening to this room is usually found within this owl symbol at the site). The Duck means several things, but the long neck, being a water bird, the Duck not only tells you of a treasure at step number one, but it can also tell you of the undergtround river that your going to discover when you recover the treasure from the room. The bell......well......let me just say that if you MUST know....then research "bell and ba'al"....and you'll see why, as a Christian, to be "broke" as a hunter of these treasures isn't exacly a bad thing. But my point here is the ground-monuments to treasures that were set up to ensure the safety/security of these sites by the elite, were the exact opposite of what the top elite knew...and that involved the info about the glyphs.
There's enough treasure in Maine, alone, to pay every States taxes, AND give the taxpayers a million dollars a year....for 50 years PLUS!!!!! Why are we paying taxes??

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