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Trumps Treasure Rooms AND Maps at Ferry Point Golf Course
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 15, 2017 09:44AM
Like every other day, I'm researching the heck out of google, or at least researching the geoglyphs found by using google. Every day there's a new, spectacular find, and folks, don't ask what guides my hand when researching, if I have to explain it then you'll never get it. So let me share with you todays find, one that is still putting a smile on my face.
Don't ask how I got to researching (on google street) one of Mr. Trumps golf courses. I stumbled upon the name of it.....Trumps Ferry Point Golf Course, located in New York, along the East River is the course I speak of. Googling this land, this "golf course" (like the National Park system, only more private and is completely under the radar) has the good ol' Owl of minerva, on the very southern tip of this property, just a little north of the very tip, itself. It consists of an outcropping, and there are boulders on the top of this Owl-outcropping..... giving directions. If you have the eyes to see, then you'll spot at least two other owls on this property.....that sits along a main river.......that has multiple treasure rooms located on and near it. This totally smells of Pirate treasure...and another thing; I have seen at EVERY Trump property the signs that we are speaking of in this topic. Folks, that makes him a Sentinel.....a guard........over some of the most major treasure rooms ever to grace this earth (if you're into that Folks, let THAT sink in for a spell.
I had two surprises today (so far) from google. You know the first. The second was found at West Point Naval Academy. MY!! MY!!! MY!!! A nest of Owls!!! I'll discuss the top finds in my next topic posted. West Points Treasure Rooms makes Trumps Treasure Rooms look like pocket change.

Re: Trumps Treasure Rooms AND Maps at Ferry Point Golf Course
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 15, 2017 10:28AM
A couple of days ago I was browsing around and hit the daily mail uk website, where they had a photo of ol' Vlad (Putin) fly-fishing in a river within a kind of deep gorge. In the background can be seen the signs that lead to treasure rooms....and these signs are the same signs that mark out rooms in Iowa (for example), even though the photo of this fishing expedition was taken somewhere within Siberia. Did you know that Vlad is worth a cool 200 Billion?? Bill Gates is (supposedly) only worth about 90 Billion.

Maybe this explains the "brotherhood" between Vlad and Don (though today they pretend to be ignorant of each other)......two Sentinels, one works for/at the "main office" (Edomiteville) and the other is a "branch manager."

By the way, these treasure rooms of Russia are the main reason for their maps (road maps, etc) to be distorted with ghost towns where nobody lives....roads that never existed, and so on. You see, Father intended these treasures (Earth's resources) for His children, but the evil one snuck his children in to take that in a Fathers' children....these treasure rooms belong to US Christians and True Jews (not fake Jews like that Sentinel), and we should not only proceed to recover EVERY site possible...but we should also thank the secret societies for keeping them safe for us. Kind of like "reverse taxation." We take back what they stole from us....pure and simple. It's here already, folks.

Re: Trumps Treasure Rooms AND Maps at Ferry Point Golf Course
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 17, 2017 11:06AM
If you look at the Interstate that runs just west of this golf course/treasure room site, you'll find that the Interstate is numbered 678. These are VITAL "steps" in the Duck-type treasure trails that are found on the ground. For this Interstate to be so numbered only proves my topic about how the highways were created to "reflect" what can be found on that "trail" (road, highway, interstate, river, etc).

But like I said. FORGET the codes....go for the Geo glyphs. The ground trails have false trails to fool you LONG before you reach the treasure location......these geoglyphs are ALREADY AT THE more false more "guessing" with the coded signs and symbols.

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