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Here's How Geoglyph Maps HELP Metal-Detectorists
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 16, 2017 08:37AM
I had a kindly gentlemen reply that this information hasn't got anything to do with metal detecting what-so-ever. Gee, I wish he;d a told me that before thousands of dollars were invested in metal detectors, from Garrett's that go down 6 more elaborate one's that go down 7 inches (just seeing if you're listening).
The topic is metal detecting sites.......and how YOU can find the VERY BEST metal detecting sites on earth....the possiblities of which, finds wise, should cause every detectorists' mouth to water. Unless, of course, you're of the "persuasion" that can't stand to see this information released to the public. If you ARE of that persuasion, then just wait til you read to next five topics that I have lined-up!!!!
These geoglyphs are there to show you not only where the covered opening to valuable resources is located, but also to show you where the best metal detecting sites are to be found.....UNMOLESTED to this point, with possibilities that stagger the mind.
You see, these Owls and other geoglyphs took time to build---before everything was "done" enough to move on to the next location----which means that these "gatherers" were camping above ground for quite some time in many cases. There can be no doubt that certain signs found within the geoglyph family, IF FOUND in the field, designates the opening/pozo to a massive tunnel system that was constructed by nature, herself. They're called underground rivers, and the DUCK symbols' long neck, if found, (in other words the long neck must be in the geoglyph), that long neck dessignates that you are about to locate, and uncover, an opening that gives access to an underground river....which may run for thousand of miles underground....and every so often these gatherers (keepers of the flame, ie: keepers of the gold)
would poke a new hole from the river to the surface.. hence the long neck neck (usually a "winding neck" like a winding river. Next topic I will give proof that these owl geoglyphs are AT the covered opening. There are no needs for understanding the treasure codes when these geoglyphs are fully understood.

Re: Here's How Geoglyph Maps HELP Metal-Detectorists
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 16, 2017 08:55AM
As you google your owls and locate them, be especially watchful for multiple geoglyph sites, which would indicate more time spent camping in the area where the geo's are located. The Owl of Minerva found in Machias Harbor, Maine, has "living quarters" within the geoglyph. This geo is large enough, and has the evidence of, a rather large "small-town-structure" that camped ON/IN this geoglyph until the necessary work was completed.
I found this same Owl of MInerva in Turner, Maine carved into a rather large boulder that I feel was placed by the Aztecs....but from now on I'll just try to call them the kotg (keepers of the gold). This large boulder sits right on top of the covered opening to an underground river....I'll give gooogle directions to this site in the next that you can see how the Owl sits right at this boulder, which tells in one look that you are to: "dig behind this boulder to get tot he underground river." The duck symbol is also on this boulder, along with the Templar symbols. While I used the secret codes of the Edomites (who control the gatherers) to locate several openings, I'd say my total time invested in going through the treasure trail at this site, with all of its false trails, took me about 40 hours or so. Then I learn about....stumbled upon....these geoglyphs......screw the treasure codes!!!

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