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Variations of the Owl Symbol Found in Geo-Glyph Maps
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 17, 2017 09:11AM
With these secret treasure codes, one of the things that makes understanding them very difficult, is the fact that every symbol used in the codes has many "different" ways of saying the same thing. Without a proper knowledge base of these "variables", then you'll pass-over many a treasure site that these "space maps" lead to (geo-glyphs). So, as I show you an example of the perfect Owl in Omaha, please understand that this same owl...therefore the same message as the also represented with other "abbreviations" of the "full owl."
The full message of the "full owl" is also represented in the following ways: the eyebrow-line of the owls eyes, which looks more like a "soft 3." This is VERY COMMON to find along the creeks, where the creek bends and winds without a pattern, then all of the sudden you'll find this creek "makes" a soft 3. Again, there are MANY sites that use this, one is in Illinois, in Winnebago County, south of Harrison. Where Harrison road goes south of harrison, turn right when this harrison road turns (bends) to the left. Follow Knapp road a short ways (til you caome to Tunnison Creek., look north, following the creek line (north) to this white bird Geo Glyph, and you'll see a massive white bird perching and looking north, about 1,000 feet north of Knapp Road. This bigbird is mjostly white, so you'll have to zoom-in on the center of this massive geoglyph to see the faint red DUCK, complete with body as it sits there, neck extended, head and eye pointing right to the creek line, right to the soft 3.....which is an OWL Abbreviation, and has the same meaning as the full owl. This Huge White Bird has a long leg, and it points south, to another owl which is a land-owl "outlined" by creeks and whatever, but it can only be seen from the air. This type of owl USUALLY has the treasure/a treasure........buried in the "bowels" of this huge GeoGlyph.

Re: Variations of the Owl Symbol Found in Geo-Glyph Maps
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 17, 2017 09:29AM
On paper maps, like those of the Civil War maps that USED to exist in the Grant Memoirs (til I wrote about how 70-some% of them were leading to the treasure rooms where the treasure looted from the public during this war was stashed. (Geoglyphs also lead to many of these sites.) On these types of paper maps you have to look closely for the treasure room symbols that will be small and somewhat easily over-looked unless you have a good eye. The symbol I speak of is almost like the eye-brow line of the owl, except this time it's JUST the eyes (LOOK) and they look like the number 8. In the geoglyphs, these "eyes" will look like a figure-8 track where some vehicles raced in a collison course race. The eyes of the 8, the centers of the two circles/ovals, are almost always original, dark ground, while the whiteness of the surrounding area is created/made white. Again, these eyes....this an abbreviation of the owl, because all they wanted to say to you is "look over here", or something to that effect.
This 8 is also found on the maps of Lewis and Clarks Expedition for the northwest passage (wink, wink). It's been a long time since I researched these maps (I have copies of the originals) but if I remember correctly, there were something like 20-some treasure rooms marked out on their maps....using the "8", the soft 3, etc.....the very same symbols that can be found with these geoglyphs from way back when. The connection between then and now (as far as the signs and symbols go) is not even debatable....the evidence is over-whelming that from the very start, ONE GROUP was responsible for the creation of these secret treasure codes (and that control continues to this day). know....all is good!! To summarize....the Owl is also represented by the "8" (eyes of the owl, the all-seeing eye).

Re: Variations of the Owl Symbol Found in Geo-Glyph Maps
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 17, 2017 09:55AM
Another abbreviation used as the owl symbol, and that has the same meaning, is the number "13." The letter "M", as in Owl of MInerva, is the 13th letter of the alphabet. This probably won't be found on/in geo maps, but if the situation arose where they could use that symbol, then they would use it. This is why there HAD to be variations of each symbol.....the number one thing taken into consideration when creating these signs and symbols was/is; "What have we got that EXISTS NATURALLY (at the site) that we can work with?" Let's see.....we have an area that can be easily made into a heart (gold)............or.......we have an area that we can easily create a 7 (gold)............and on and on. Don't get me wrong....these variations also complicate the heck out things. Only through cryptanalysis can one, eventually, understand the codes........but like I stated......these geoglyphs are your maps to the heavens. What took me decades to seek and find....I have given to you....freely......just as I promised my Father i would. What WOULD have taken me years to explain (the treasure codes) to you (especially without photos), can also be just as abbreviated as these owl symbols......and my goal is to explain every variation of every major treasure sing that will not only help you in finding these treasures from antiquity, but also the treasures from a hundred years ago and younger....they ALL use the same system. You can locate a treasure in minutes (using google)....they are THAT precise in their placement AT the covered opening. I've known about these codes for a long time, and I have learned to look for certain signs....treasure room signs, to be exact (why locate a mine when you can locate the bars?). But just a note on this underground interstate travel system known as underground rivers: these underground rivers cut through solid rock, and have exposed veins of gold and silver and precious jems (depending on what river/State you're in).

Re: Variations of the Owl Symbol Found in Geo-Glyph Maps
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 17, 2017 10:11AM
Just a quick note on the history of these underground rivers....I believe it was in the book "Apache, Navajo and Spaniard," that spoke of the Native Americans that a Spanish Expedition had run-across in their journeys in the southwest, on the way to the Gulf of California. The Spaniards made it to the gulf in a few days, and again ran-across the very same Natives they had seen hundreds of miles back. Through sign-language, it was understood that these peoples had traveled by boat in an underground river. There are other similar reports....and what we found in Turner, Maine, at the Templar site, was that there are two openings into this underground river/treasure room site....which is quite normal....but one opening is a pozo meant for individuals only....while another opening is large enough to get a boat into the river system, carry a large amount supplies into the system, etc. (animals? beasts of burden?)
I was told yesterday of a guy in Maine who drills wells. He was talking about a well he drilled.......he drilled down 6200 feet....then hit a "void" of of about 600 feet deep.
Dropping a camera down into the void, he could see a great river.....with banks (walkways?). My point here is that in Maine this river is too deep to try to dig to, but what about in New Hamshire (if the river flows that way), there may be a point where the river is "pinched" close to ground surface (springs, etc) where you can easily get into the system in New Hamshire, then simply walk the underground river bank to its source in Maine, or ??. Maine is known for Her precious stones. For some reason the California gold rush was designed to take people AWAY from the valuable resources of Maine.......hence the Rothschild created phrase: "Go west, young man." Maine was the second in line into what is now wonder......

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