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Geo-Glyph Treasure Map Gives More Info About Victorio Peak
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 17, 2017 02:05PM
These geo-glyphs....what a trip!!! So you google Victorio Peak in New Mexico and you can find the geo's (ducks) that indicate an underground river that runs under Victorio. Think about that for a moment. When the story of Doc Noss is told, a river is mentioned, that the over-burden from the veins of gold and silver found IN THE MOUNTAIN were dumped into this river. Again, this is deep inside an old volcano.

Now picture this. The gatherers were able to traverse the country COMPLETELY underground on these rivers/in these caverns. It would have to seem like a carnival ride at Disneyland...where you're on a boat in a tunnel on an underground river when......VIOLA!!! the tunnel opens into a large cavern, complete with gold veins and silver veins, living quarters, etc.!!!!
When you're done at Victorio, you jump in your boat and float on down to the next one.......then the next one........then the next one........

To be honest, there are hundreds, if not thousands of Victorio Peaks' in the United States. And the easiest way to get to them is to use the very system that was created to be used.....underground river interstate. How do you get to these rivers?? Look for the Geo-Glyph that says: "Here is an entrance into the system of underground rivers." Plot these ducks on a large map of each State and you'll know for sure where the underground rivers flow. Put a stick pin in the locations where the duck with neck is found, then connect the pins on the map.

Re: Geo-Glyph Treasure Map Gives More Info About Victorio Peak
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 17, 2017 02:19PM
Folks, beware of the coming eclipse. The terror attack in Barcelona, Spain (BS) signifies the coming (BS) Black Sabbath that will occur this Saturday, just before the eclipse on Monday, where darkness will block-out the light, and will see America as the only continent entirely affected. What darkness we have already!! But you ain't seen nothin yet.

Re: Geo-Glyph Treasure Map Gives More Info About Victorio Peak
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 17, 2017 04:30PM
When Doc Noss told his "story" about finding the treasures of Victorio Peak, he left out a few details. Doc was a Sentinel, and he did what the "bosses" fear most, stole from the rooms he was supposed to protect. Doc paid the ultimate price, and his killer was never convicted.
Doc stated that he was climbing up this Peak when he found some sort of a recessed area, went into it and discovered a slab of stone that he slid aside and exposed a shaft. This shaft would have been the chimney used when firing up the furnaces. And this hole isn't just covered with a loose stone. The stone covering these holes are cork-screwed into the hole, and they are a pain to remove (unless you use the japanese blast-less powder).

So from top to bottom of Victorio Peak you have a hole at the very top of the mountain (not in a recessed area where the smoke could "choke" the chimneys' flow) to allow for the exhaust from the fires inside the mountain to escape.
The next hole will be found dependent upon whether the vein was shot clear to the top of the moubntain when the volcano blew, or did the veins stay inside the volcano? If the vein went clear out the top of the mountain, then the vein would have been worked from the top down, with new access-openings appearing as necessary. If the veins stayed inside, then two or so openings will be all you'll find to get inside the mountain.
The lowest opening at Victorio Peak is found in the arroya around the peak. This opening is large enough for animals and boats and supplies to be brought in. It is my belief that animals were used to tow the boats back up-stream, walking on the dry banks of the underground river and using rope to tow the boat(s) with.

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