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Geo-Glyph Treasure Maps Lead to Underground Cities
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 18, 2017 06:11AM
It is biblical that when Father comes (figuratively speaking) for the Edomites that He will pull them from their underground tunnels. This verse never meant as much to me as it does now, knowing that Father is referring to these tunnels marked out by these "sky-maps to treasure" that exist worldwide. So that should tell you that if these geoglyphs are worldwide, then the control of the Edomites is also worldwide....and it is.
Even from the very first day of "discovering" these underground veins of gold and silver, and then marking these sites out with their geo-glyph maps, there has been a concerted effort to "up-grade" the tunnels and underground rivers to make them more "pleasant and easier" to navigate. It was the birth of concrete that really allowed for solid, durable and trustworthy construction that was truly necessary for "safety and safe travel" throughout these underground vaults and rivers. And up until the invention of the tunnel boring machine, all mining/digging/tunneling was the most laborious and dangerous job there was...both on...and in....the earth.
The tunnel boring machine allowed for the naturally occurring tunnels to be connected, though they may be hundreds of miles apart. For example, the same underground river system that passes underneath of Victorio Peak (and other gold-bearing mountains) in New mexico, can be connected to the north/south flowing underground river system of the Ohio Valley, a thousand miles to the east. There are also p[laces underground where the conditions allow for many things....for example, a river may join with another river underground, creating a rather large dry area where many, many people can not only live, but can prosper. The largest of these underground cities is right under the new Denver International Airport. This airport was constructed to service this underground city, with accesses and raods leading underground, and these roads are so vast throughout underground America that they resemble our Interstate Road System on the surface.

Re: Geo-Glyph Treasure Maps Lead to Underground Cities
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 18, 2017 06:33AM
Denver Airport is just ONE "hub" where underground roads that can, literally, be traveled from coast to coast. Along these roads are found small towns and cities, farms for growing food, food storage facilities, and on and on and on. The murals inside the Denver Airport, if you can decipher them, speak of this airport being a "center" for islamic "migration" (illegal) to America, for the purposes they (their religion) was created for.
This airport has a lot to do with flying the wealth from these underground tunnels of America, and "putting it into the hands" of the Edomites in Moscow (Moscow is their headquarters, but as discussed briefly before, they have "branch offices" all around the world (known as Countries or Nations), or better said....they control the Presidents and Prime mInisters, Queens, etc., and all together, they rule the world right now.
DIA, if you google it, has alot going on with it. Check out those glyphs around the place!!! There's more than just treasure going on. Can you see the Ba'al glyph that talks of this airport site being a sacrificial site?? That human sacrifices were performed here for thousands of years?!! Again, even though this site was set up thousands of years ago for this purpose, that very purpose is still being full-filled today by the "Red Ties" the "White Ties" and the "Blue Ties." And don't forget the "Gold Ties." Like i's all good. There's a saying that goes like this: The truth shall set you free. And that's exactly what it does. And that's exactly why people don't like what I write. Because darkness cannot light. Which reminds me. These treasure symbols and signs have numerical values. The recent terror attacks on Barcelona allows me to give this example to you; the original news reports were 13 killed and 50 wounded. Folks, 13 is nujmber of the "M" as in Owl of Minerva. You WILL find this number as a geoglyph. Next, 50 wounded. When the letters O..W..L..are put into their numerical adds up to 50. We have a Black Sabbath coming this Saturday, the eclipse on we just have to wait and see what the colored ties do to us in between now and Tuesday.

Re: Geo-Glyph Treasure Maps Lead to Underground Cities
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 18, 2017 07:01AM
This underground Interstate Highway System connects Denver with strategic cities/locations across America. Area 51 (both of them) are connected to is Phoenix, Tucson, Seattle, Boston, and others. And, just like the original gatherers, there are more access points being added. For example, ONE goal WAS the underground road that now exists between Denver and Washington, D.C., but now that it's complete, other access points can be added at selected cities/towns that exist over-top of this underground highway betwwen Denver and D.C..
In Tucson, Little Cat Mountain just west and south of Tucson is just ONE of the so-called Montezuma Treasure Rooms. This was my classroom for 20 years. I could walk to it in 3 minutes. I still have the massive rock map from this mountain. The property below this mountain (south side) was protected up until a decade ago or so. I'd heard about the developement that was coming so I went through this old campsite looking for rock maps, lost coins (metal detecting) so that I could "preserve them." The rock maps' most obvious feature is the DUCK head, indicating a river running under Little Cat. This site is now being recovered after the Central Arizona Project was "used" to tap into this vault with the aid of a tunnel boring machine. Tucson's Mayor, an Edomite, is orchestrating the recovery of the treasure rooms associated with the Missions and all the other "geo-glyph marked sites" of Arizona. (as aside note, the Mayors name means "Red Shield." Edom=RED (red tie) and "shield" is self-explanatory. Red Shield literally means: "shielding the Edomites".....mostly shielding them from keep their "activities" and their involvement in creating these activities secret.....shielded from the public. This Mayor put Tucson under Martial Law, and she is still under this law. The Mayor gave all power to Davis-Monthan Air Farce Base, which is commanded by a Soviet General. When the tunnel boring machine went under lIttle Cat, it was also used to connect Davis-Monthan to this site of massive, unimagineable wealth.

Re: Geo-Glyph Treasure Maps Lead to Underground Cities
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 18, 2017 07:30AM
I've tried to found out approximately how many people are inhabiting these underground cities and towns, doing the chores they were given to do in order to make the underground "bee hive" luxurious. There are no solid numbers, only estimates. Those stimates range from a few hundred thousand people to well over 2 million people and on up. Knowing the vastness of the hive, how it spider-webs underneath of America, I'm sure only Moscow knows the true numbers...maybe our Branch Manger knows, but it really doesn't matter.

I find it funny, tho. They have us watching the stars....we're going to the Moon (lol) asteroid is comes and eclipse.......My point is this, "they" have everyone watching the stars and the sky.....when all the action is taking place UNDER your feet. While you contemplate the idiocy that NASA pumps out....the moles under your feet are "busy as bee's" preparing for the coming destruction, where they think that they will be "safe" their underground tunnels/bunkers.

And that, folks, believe it or not, was the plan all along. And that plan began to be fullfilled approximatley 6,000 years ago, with the possibility that it began in the first earth age. What we're (not) seeing today, with these underground systems, is the final stages. Most people won't even know what hit them when the accesses to this system are opened for the purpose of letting the Locust Army loose so that they can fullfill their "mission," which was planned for.....6,000 years ago.

Re: Geo-Glyph Treasure Maps Lead to Underground Cities
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 18, 2017 08:42AM
For the last few years there have been intermittent reports of large blasts, or loud blasts, going off. But exactly where they are going off (seemingly) cannot be located.
One clue to this mystery is that our Government never paid much attention to these reports. They blew them all off.
These explosions occur at underground locations where the mantle of the Earth is so hard, so solid, that very powerful exposives must be used to progress the tunnel boring machine passed that particular problem. The reason these blasts are so loud is that there HAS TO BE VENTS TO THE SURFACE to allow for the escape of the power/concussion from the blast. If these vents were NOT installed, these powerful explosives, when set-off, would literally expand the tunnel for miles, doing great damage that, quite literally, they don't want to go through. So, they make vents, then they blow-off the explosives, then they blow-off the complaints from the citizens.

Sink holes are another "product" of this tunneling activity. But the thing is...the tunnels causing these sink holes were bored-out years and years ago, it took that long for this collapsing to take place, from the tunnel ceiling to the to the point where it reached, and engulfed, the surface. Please do not confuse these tunneling sink-holes with naturally occurring sink holes. Florida, for example, is debatable due to the sub-structure of the State. In other words, Florida sink-holes are most likely natural. However, sonic booms in the midwest (for example) should ALL be suspect.

Re: Geo-Glyph Treasure Maps Lead to Underground Cities
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 18, 2017 09:02AM
The Boston Tunnel Project is a perfect example of an "entrance point" into the underground highway system, wigh roads bigger and better that the roads we drive on.
This boon-doggle of a project was "sold" by the Government to the taxpayers as "this," when it actually building "that." If this project was doing exactly what the public was told that it was doing...this project would've been done 5 years ago, or more....and would have been close to being on budget.

From Boston, this underground highway goes north, up through Maine (this highway also goes south and west), according to several truckers who could say no more about the tunnel because they knew nothing about it. All they knew was that they had a load of "something" to be delivered to the underground base(s) that exist under Maine, New Hampshire, etc. It's not only possible, but highly probable that this highway goes on up passed the Canadian Border, waaaay passed this border. These tunnels help to "connect" the colored ties and Branch Managers. Under Obama's home in D.C., is a tunnel that connects to the system underneath Washington, D.C., and all tie colors can be found down there. They are fortunate (the "Elite" of D.C. are fortunate), even if they're at home when "Korea" launches a bomb at America, they can just goe down stairs, flip a switch that opens the concealed opening, go down a few stories and BAM!!!!! you're right on the route (you're at a "stop") along the underground highway system. Looking up while at this stop, you can see a sign that reads: "Denver International Airport-1500 Miles." Another states that Atlanta is 1,000 miles away. From these hubs (and a few more hubs) you can go practically anywhere you want......and nobody will EVER see you. Kind of like an owl when it searches for prey in its darkness. You don't know it's "there" until it's too late.

Re: Geo-Glyph Treasure Maps Lead to Underground Cities
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 18, 2017 10:15AM
I thought I had better get caught up on this Boston Big Dig, so I researched it. I'm glad I did, mainly because I'm way behind on this projects' progress.
The tunnels created (the main ones) are the Thomas P. O'Neill Tunnel, and the Ted Williams Tunnel, and looky-looky at Boston-Logan International Airport!!!!
Hmmmmm!! Seems I mentioned and International airport a little bit earlier......the Denver Internation Airport. Folks, when these "things" begin to repeat themselves (airports close to tunnel entrances where a tractor-trailer can drive through) then you need to take notice because a "pattern" is about to appear.

I want you to check THIS statement out. It concerns the Big Dig in Boston. Pay attention as to "how far out" these Edomites plan their deeds: (this statement is not attributed to anyone in particular, it's a general statement about why the Big Dig took place)--------------- This project was developed in response to traffic congestion on Boston's historically tangled streets (wink, wink), WHICH WERE LAID OUT LONG BEFORE THE ADVENT OF THE AUTOMOBILE.

WOW!!!! These guys are good!!!

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