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Geo-Glyph Maps Chosen to Be Recovered ? Satellite confirmation?
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 18, 2017 10:40AM
I'll say this again, when I begin to see a "copy" of names and numbers, etc., at different geo-glyph treasure map locations around the world, I begin to pay close attention. II was wondering one day, knowing how ALL active treasure rooms MUST be seen from satellite (like the one 36 stories up, on the roof of Nike Town, located in a Trump-owned complex), but what about those active sites that are being readied for recovery?? These treasures ARE being recovered, more than you know, so they HAVE TO....somehow......let the "bosses" know that; "this site is about to be recovered." It wasn't long before I "got a reply from my Teacher" in the form of a site containing multiple owls. (meaning=multiple treasure accumulation rooms). Moving on......I noticed that right-next to a perfectly carved Owl of Minerva (out of solid rock face) was a white (like athletic tape was used) to make an "x." After finding this, I was just waiting for this info to be "repeated." So, I left the location of these Pirate treasure signs that lead to multiple treasure rooms, with a white "X" next to one of the owls.......which happens to be located at West Point Naval Academy.......

Today, this same thing happened while googling Denver Airport. Found an owl in the creek line just west of the north/south runways, and it has what appears to be a white dome or something. According to my distance meter this white globe is about a foot across, or so. Like the white "X" at West Point, this white dome sticks out like a sore thumb. Just east of this owl monument in the creek can be seen the owl symbol, it's at about the same level as the white dome, but about 10 feet to the right in the dirt field that exists there. To find this owl in the creek, go to the west side of the N/S runways, look for the creek coming in from the northwest. Follow the creek down to Grandbay Street, where this wild creek is now a controlled creek. Where the creek goes wild again, the owl is there. Otherwise, you'll think I'm talking about one of the other dozens of owls found there.

Re: Geo-Glyph Maps Chosen to Be Recovered ? Satellite confirmation?
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 18, 2017 11:12AM
The owl geo-glyph of which I speak (the one to the right/east of the creek-line owl monument) is just the head with the eyes and ears. Ears generally tell you to "listen" or some other function of the ear, but in this case, the right ear (camera right) is used to "point" the way to your next're next treasure accumulation room.
This owl head has the eyes of the figure-8 like i spoke of in another topic, and if it weren't for the fact that this "abbreviated owl" needed to point to the next location, then all you'd see of this glyph IS the figure-8 eyes of the owl. But they needed that ear to point....which means that the head had to be included. Other geo-glyphs are found in great abundance, and it's no coincidence that this airport was built from plans "that were conceived long before the advent of the aero-plane."

Re: Geo-Glyph Maps Chosen to Be Recovered ? Satellite confirmation?
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 18, 2017 11:30AM
The theory (wink, wink) goes like this: EVERY treasure site on earth is plotted and recorded for safety and protection reasons. These sites marked out on satellite (some sites can't be seen because of the trees, etc) are monitored daily-hourly-minutely. These treasure rooms, before being recovered, MUST have a "certain" sign at the geo-glyphs that state such information. For "X" means "This site is about to be crossed-off the list, ie: it's about to be recovered. A dome...."in the process of recovering treasure related to that owl."

How long this white "X" has existed at "that" site (West Point Naval Academy) is unknown (to me, anyway). But there must be a time period required so that as the monitors of these treasures do their monitoring, they'll know why this particular geo-glyph Owl no longer exists. And if the dome DOES mean what I think it means, then that dome will remain there until the room is cleared. (actually, the dome represents "house" or "housing" if I remember correctly)

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