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EVERYTHING I've Written About Is Lies.......
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 19, 2017 07:39AM
....that's why Google cencors my posts. Because I'm a liar...right?? Since I'm a liar that would ex-plain why the memoirs of General U.S. Grant removed the battle maps that lead to treasure rooms-just like I lied about-from the newest printings of these books.

I'm am such a lair that when I wrote about how this one-particular book will lead you to the buried paintings of Ted DeGrazia on A-Mountain in Tempe, Arizona, that this particular book has clues throughout it, plus a coded map to these paintings....after releasing this information this ENTIRE book was re-written, the map removed, and all clues so mixed-up and out-of-sequence that nobody could use this new printing to find anything.

I'm such a liar that that's why my red-tie-wearing brother (biological) had it set-up so that they could prove all my information IS LIES if ONLY they could get me to an actual site and have me try to solve the "riddle" and locate the treasure room. If I failed o locate....I was a liar. But I passed this test....and now my red-tie-wearing brother is furious...along with his red-tie-wearing associates throughout the animal kingdom.

I have ALWAYS made it possible to research everything I write, but when I am the one revealing new information, it's easier for the tie-wearers to shoot the info down before it gets a foot-hold. Notice Trumps face lately...after being outed as a Sentinel for the Edomites of Russia?? Yep...'nother lie. Maybe I should try telling the Global Warming.....The Affordable Care Act......"we're just a bunch of good 'ol boys having a good time.......yaada....yaada....yaada

Re: EVERYTHING I've Written About Is Lies.......
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 19, 2017 08:01AM
The site I speak of is located near Turner, Maine. It is "owned" by my nephew who is a sentinel (I know all of this now, I didn't then). Just like the "plans" for the Big Dig in Boston were made "long before the advent of the automobile" the plan to test my skills was hatched a few years, and it was set-up for my nephew to take control of a treasure room site (house with 8 acres). The house was a recent purchase....within the last year or so.....and it's still listed in the home page of the real-estate company that "listed" this property ("they" have to make it all look normal).
The web site, if you would like to see the Owl of MInerva in my nephews front yard (This is just one site I used to see how this owl geo-glyph was laid out in relationship to the actual covered opening. This site helped me to realize the fact that the Owl geo-glyphs sit RIGHT AT the covered opening. The Owl in my nephews fron yard.....sits right at a huge (I call them) Aztec boulder with ALL the "bells and whistles" (treasure room signs). You cannot see this boulde4r in the photo of the property from google, the tree line prevents this.
Here's the scoop and the poop on this site, the site that tried to prove me a liar...but it back-fired. And there you have it, ladies and gents....I'm NOT a liar...I'm a backfire. The web site for 28 Kennebec Trail, Turner Maine (the location of the underground river with treasure room(s) is look for 28 Kennebec Trail. There is a road nearby named after a General from the Civil War, the town gets it's name from him, too. And anytime you see a General Turner Hill road........just take it for granted...there's gold in those hills around Turner.

Re: EVERYTHING I've Written About Is Lies.......
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 19, 2017 08:13AM
Here's the listing number for the property. This room exists along an old, old trail. In Maine we're lucky to have these huge Aztec boulders, like the one the owl points to in the google shot at, but unfortunately, you cannot see it. If you ARE interested in learning about these boulders, just do a "massive boulders of Maine." Look at the all the photos of these beautiful, misunderstood mammoths of Maine. The large Aztec boulder in my nephews yard was the first access into the underground river system, and is large enough to launch a boat (canoe). As the eons went by, the entrances into this river were increased. By the time the Pirate treasures were being dropped off in Lewiston and Turner, Maine, (along the Androscoggin River) the room at my nephews had been increased incredibly for the purpose of holding hundreds of tons of treasure, which would be distributed to "the ties" as necessary/ordered.

My nephews land of 8 acres is situated right in the middle of massive numbers of treasure rooms. Where the Nezinscot River meets the Androscoggin River there is a geoglyph of a beautiful, long neck and entire head DUCK symbol. Nearby the other "majors" can be found. This entire river is one long treasure trail with dozens of rooms sites along the river, where the Pirates would dock and walk the treasure about 50 feet away to the room. The "ties" would be there, too, with their wagons, to take what they were given at that time, the rest would be moved to a large treasure accumulation room that is located nearby, like in the case of my nephews place.

Re: EVERYTHING I've Written About Is Lies.......
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 19, 2017 08:37AM
This story that I'm about to tell you took place at least 10 years ago, maybe more, and it revolves around a treasure map that I found on the Internet and deciphered. The importance of these maps cannot be over-stressed in their relationship to historical facts. In this case, the facts proved something that a church in Utah was trying to conceal from the very conception of this "incident." This incident is known as The mountain Meadows Massacre. This is a sad, sad story, folks, and when I wrote what I knew (after much research) this church went into total melt-down. Within days of my post that exposed the fact that this church was holding the valuables (gold and silver) from a massacred wagon-train from Arkansas, was buried in a treasure room of the Church, and then I showed the map, and told how to decipher it. This churches OWN members dressed as Indians, massacred a wagon-train from Askansas, the kids were split-up among the top members of this church, their valuables divided amongst the murdering thieves. The adults all perished in what was supposed to a peaceful surrender. Again, it's a sad, sad story...but it emphasizes what "the ties" will do, even to their own.
John D. Lee, the only man shot for this calamity at Mountain Meadows, was like a brother to Brigham Young (leader of the church), who gave the orders for this massacre, wrote a book about this event while in jail awaiting trail and sentenceing. This book was the best of all four I read to research this map. And JOhn goes pretty deep into some of the secrets of the ties. John Lee was ONLY brought to justice AFTER the advent of "other religions" into the area. It was THEM who cried-out for justice in the masscre case...some 20 years after-the-fact.
Man, you shoulda seen the ties of this church scramble when this truth hit the net. I only have about another hundred or so of these types of stories. They are like red badges (red ties) of courage. Like an Air-Force Ace... I shoot down the enemy with bullets of truth. And I have an end-less belt of ammunition.

Re: EVERYTHING I've Written About Is Lies.......
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 19, 2017 09:55AM
I realize that tunnels and cities under the surface of the earth sounds rediculous. But please allow me to share just two headlines from the internet that tell of the tunnels being created under our feet:
January 7th, 2014-----Gizmodo article---- headline reads: 8 massive tunnels being built right now under a city near you
It doesn't say a specific place....or does it??? Can you wrap your mind around what the term "under a city NEAR you" means?? It means that this is an ongoing "construction project," and that the "plans from long ago".....when complete......will includes tunnels linking every city. One more headline (there's hundreds of them)

This article headline comes from Tunneling Online: October 16th-2015................headline reads as follows: Compact TBM's (tunnel boring machines) are major players in North America One of my experiences involved a home-owners association near Tucson complaints about the Counties plans to operate heavy equipment near their brand new homes, being afraid of the vibrations affecting the foundations and such. I knew there was a treasure room located there, so I called the HOA's leader, and we spoke for an hour or so as I told him that all the County wanted was that treasure room, and that they'de be out of there in a month or less.
And having seen this leaders photo in the newspaper along with the article, I felt almost as if I knew him. The next day I was watching some channel on TV about TBM's. and "they" bgrought out this expert who has operated TBM's around the was the same guy who I had talked to....the day before.......about a treasure room being located near these new homes. Coincidence?? My middle name is Coincidence.

Re: EVERYTHING I've Written About Is Lies.......
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 19, 2017 10:53AM
But I remember still....seeing this guy on television, being introduced as the world's top tunneller. The Central Arizona Project had just finished boring a tunnel under Little Cat Mountain for the purpose of tapping-into her treasures, as well as to get-to the very rich, very wide gold vein that went clear to the top of this mountain when the volcano blew millions of years ago. The vein is now accessible only by tunnel. But my point here is that the guy on television, the guy that ran the TBM, (the HOA guy) was living where he was living because HE had bored the tunnel under Little Cat. This guys house was within two miles of Little Cat, mine was less than a block away. The room that the County wanted to recover was an accumulation room most likely created for the purpose of creating a BELL..(BANK VAULT) so that the priests didn't have to go and tap into the mountain everytime they needed large amounts of money. There are dozens of these banks around this mountain, and they all exist at a distance starting at a mile or two out (and continue further away) from the mountain, which ensured the safety of the mountain. This is also why the main openings to these rooms are in an arroya or creek bed.......out of sight, out of mind. These geoglyph treasure maps found along the creeks' line..... they show how to get to the tunnels to get underground, and these covered openings DO NOT Exist IN the water (in the creek, river) the openings are located very-near, but on dry ground.

Re: EVERYTHING I've Written About Is Lies.......N/T
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 19, 2017 07:30PM

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Re: EVERYTHING I've Written About Is Lies.......
Posted by: Champ Ferguson
Date: August 21, 2017 09:28AM
I've just found this forum and my reaction to many of the threads (such as this one) is WTF ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?????

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Re: EVERYTHING I've Written About Is Lies.......
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 21, 2017 09:47AM
Hey Champ, ( I love saying that!!)
I can totally understand the confusion of this information, and how it clashes with the "reality" we live in. I can prove everything I say, however, some of this information may not be complete. The "C" symbol, for example. Now that I know it means what it means, I have a few sites I thought were just tax collection/armory sites way back when, but a variation of this "C" symbol (found at these sites) tells me that those sites are access points to the underground system as WELL as store-houses for supplies to-be delivered to the underground occupants. Champ, don't take my word for ANYTHING, or ANY man's word for anything, especially in these days. Do your own research. Unfortunately, the only source you will find is here at Find's....and that is your's truly.

If you have a specific question (how many questions is more like it) feel free to ask. If you want to tell me I'm out of my head...that's totally fine. This information stands on its own. It doesn't need me for anything--------other than me being a watchman alerting the sheep. And how I love my job!! My wages will be paid to me on The Lord's Day. I mean, you have to love the irony here....I can locate any treasure anywhere in the world.....yet I think I have like 77 cents to my name. And I couldn't be happier!! Ok, maybe a little bit happier. I now know why it's been said that you need to "find a job you love doing" and that that's they key to working for a living. The "easy way out" is to become a colored tie. Where a socialistic/communistic dogma allows for the few to live life off of the taxes of the sheep. Those books a while back, about how to get free money from the government, that info wasn't meant for the sheep, only the tie-wearing socialists. This author, another admitted Freemason, was thrown in jail and persecuted for writing these books.

Re: EVERYTHING I've Written About Is Lies.......
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 21, 2017 10:30AM
My red-tie-wearing brother works on computer-systems for the NWO. He is one smart dude, I kid you not. And his red-tie comes with the same "power" as Trumps' red-tie. (but not as strong as the white ties) Anyway, his company is creating the computer systems that are listing all the "informed Americans" names. Guess who's near the top of the list to be incarcerated?? I guess it's ok for them to steal our money ALL...OF...THE....TIME....but don't EVER try to take-back from them that which they have stolen, for eons, from others, including ourselves.
ALL colored ties work for the WHITE ties (the Edomites/Kenites). Hooray for the........Red, White and Blue.......Lodges????? Is that how the "colors" were chosen for our flag??? Now you're catchin' on. Look at Russia's Flag...what three colors are found within Her Flag??? I'll give you one guess.

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