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"Lighthouse Treasure Maps" (The U.P. of MIchigan)
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 19, 2017 12:37PM
I wrote about this a while back....about how most light-houses were constructed for two protect the ships at night from the waters that will shred them....and secondly, and most importantly, these lighthouses (LH) guided ships INTO that area of the LH where a treasure room exists. There were two types of treasure: that which went to/stayed in America.....and that which went back to Spain, England, and so on. These lighthouses were designed at each treasure room along the coasts to guide the treasure ships hauling to and from Spain, etc., into the "safe harbor" where they could load/unload the ships cargoes under the cover of darkness. NOT ALL LH's are located at treasure room sites, but here's a couple that ARE located at treasure room locations, just understand that these two sites are on the Great Lakes, which was/is a major, major connecting interstate travel-system 5,000 years ago. I mean, do you really htink those Chinese cargo ships are hauling goods and services out of the Great Lakes? Nope, they haul (back to China) water from th elakes inhuge bladders that they tow behind the ship all the way back to China.........the second thing they haul ARE THESE TREASURES. Even though these sites have been recovered since their creation, there is now a mad rush on to recover what they can before people like me give away all of the their forbidden knowledge that allows them to easily become massively rich.
The U.P. of Michigan, very northern tip, then come back south and west until you find Copper Harbor (we're going to the actual harbor, not the town with the same name located right there at the harbor). Google the Copper Harbor Lighthouse. At about 5-to-6 o'clock from the lighthouse is the "owl eyebrow" pointing with one eyebrow, to the treasures location. The best Lighthouse treasure room of the U.P. can be googled at Manitou Island. If you look just "up" from the LH you'll see the Owl of Minerva on the solid rock shore-line. The body of a DUCK is right there, too. This lighthouse literally sits on top of the room, or close enough to it to be a constant "protector of the flame."

Re: "Lighthouse Treasure Maps" (The U.P. of MIchigan)
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 19, 2017 12:45PM
Almost ALL of Maine's Lighthouses are protectors of the flames (illumination). Their very make-up is designed to reflect (no pun intended) this very fact.
This lighthouse at Manitou Island is guiding ships in to at least 5 treasure rooms, maybe more. When you see how desolate this area of the Lakes is, then you can see why this exact spot was chosen. The many hundreds of geo-glyphs prove this point.

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