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These Two Words ARE Maps Leading to Treasure. Thanks Mr. Trump
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 20, 2017 09:55AM
I haven't had a paying job for years due to be "tied" by the colored ties. I'm an so thankful for this fact, always have been. You see, since that time, I have the time to due the research that allows me to do what I'm about to do. And what I'm about to do is show you exactly how to get the results you to connect the dots and make the pieces (pixels) form a picture that is so clear that the info gained allows for the locating of major treasure sites all across America. That's exactly what this mornings research did for me. It started when I began to google The Honorable Mr. Trumps Mar-a-Lago Estate in Florida, looking for more owls on his properties.
Darn-it, didn't see anything. However, just across the intercoastal waterway to the west, is a housing sub-division known as Central Park. This caught my attention immediatley. Mr. Trumps New York City Tower is close to Central Park in New York City, where an old fort once sat and protected the waterways for the ships to drop off treasure and bury it in the vicinity of Central Park, as well as at least one treasure room under Trump Towers New York. This Central Park Theme got me going and so I searched for central park (as in anywhere, USA) but the search results always showed Central Park New York. So, I went on a state-by-state search for Central Park.
My theory, thanks to the Trumpster, is that these two words...Central Park.......will lead to major trerasure rooms just like in the case of Central Park New York. Folks, I hit the BULLSEYE!! WOW!!! This is so fun!!! I must admit that I DID NOT search EVERY State for a Central Park.....I stopped after the first 8 "Central Parks" proved, beyond ANY doubt, that these Parks, do, indeed, contain major treasure rooms. Georgia has 3 Central Parks. One of them (Atlanta Central Park) has a treasure room that contains the wealth looted from the people during the Civil War. Other rooms were also needed to stash what came from Atlanta.

Re: These Two Words ARE Maps Leading to Treasure. Thanks Mr. Trump
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 20, 2017 10:15AM
I just found out that Central Park in Idaho is a rather large city, nestled in amongst so many geo-glyph treasure maps that they obviously has too much wealth to put into one or two locations.

So, it's NOT just Central Park the park. It can also be Central Park the town/city.

Folks, I don't hate Mr. Trump. I'm not trying to slam him, I'm trying to open your eyes to reality. Mr. Trump just happens to be the man that these signs point to as a major sentinel. The Donald took this job (as Sentinel) over from his Dad, which is one reason why Don was given a million dollars when he was younger. When you're protecting tens-of-trillions of dollars, a million isn't even worth mentioning. This is why his taxes had to be "audited" for 20 years, or at least "make it appear" he was investigated every year for 20 years. Knowing what a letigious person Trump is...I really doubt his story. It was a ruse to keep the investments from Russia and China secret. One of the Trump boys stated (Eric?) back in 2001, that they had significant money flowing in from these two Countries. Another source stated that the amount invested by these two countries was over 6 trillion dollars, but that that amount may be what EACH COUNTRY GAVE to Trump. Folks, we were taught in school what a broken-down, penny-less Country that Russia is.........boy....were we lied to about that one!!!!

Re: These Two Words ARE Maps Leading to Treasure. Thanks Mr. Trump
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 20, 2017 11:08AM
Central Park in Arizona (the one I found, there may be more) is a moble--home park, and these homes are packed in there like sardines. How in heck can there be atreasure there?? There isn't a treasure, it's an opening to the underground river. The geo-glyps are still visible as they 'leach through" the surface in a location that separates the two sides of this park I can't tell if this strip of land is a golf course, or a dog walk.
This brings up an interesting point. The way these geo-glyphs are made, they are almost impossible to erase (as required with ALL signs and symbols). This is why a plowed farm-field in Iowa will have recent plow marks, yet right there sits the Owl, in the middle of it all. There may be some blurring from being plowed for decades, as the chalk used in the glyphs (they dug trenches a few inches deep to outline the shape they desired, then brought in crushed and small to medium size rock/limestone particals and filled in the dug trenches, packed it down, filled it, packed it down, added water, pack it down.....some of these Geo-Glyphs are absolutely astonishing in the size and beauty. Areas that don't see much for farm-fields have the most defined glyphs of all of them. I've seen Owls in plowed fields that still maintain the clear, distinct lines from the trenches doing their job, yet the very top "layer" of this chalk in these compacted trenches is being pulled away from the trench by the plow-action that takes place with decades of plowing....and this tends to blur these glyphs ever so slightly ( in some cases). Other wise, this is why they HAD to have a secret society for was called Husbandmen of America (or something like that). I knew them as The Grange Hall, it later was absorbed by the Blue Ties...but with all these treasures all across America, most in fields thoughout the Country, the Farmer HAD to be brought in JUST ENOUGH to tell him to "Do not plow that part of your land...don't EVER touch's ten-grand for your loss of crops...we'll give you this amount every year.".

Re: These Two Words ARE Maps Leading to Treasure. Thanks Mr. Trump
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 20, 2017 11:23AM
I'm not saying that every Farmer is a Mason (KoC). I'm saying that enough of them are to where one worker-bee from the bee-hive can watch several hundred square miles (mostly with an airplane...Hmmmmmm.....where did I mention airplanes before??) Many farmers around my home town had airplanes...and I'll leave that alone at that.

For those farmers who weren't working for the hive.....the States will just pass a Bill that states that the farmer will not cut down any trees along the creeks and rivers that run through their lands, through their own property. This tree-line along these water-ways has to maintain a certain width......and if you've ever looked for bent-tree limbs in the Winter-time along these waterways, when the leaves have fallen, exposing the trunk and major limbs, then you'll see exactly why these trees have to be protected.
So, for the ones who are not connected, for the ones who they just MAKE ABIDE BY THEIR LAWS, they compensate almost nothing.

Re: These Two Words ARE Maps Leading to Treasure. Thanks Mr. Trump
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 20, 2017 02:06PM
Kansas has two central park....a Central Park and a Andover Central Park. The treasure room/doorway to the deep, is being excavated at Central Park in Kansas.
Look for the oval (racetrack) pit that is being excavated. The Owl is here.

The other Park, Andover Central.....certainly has more than what was found at Central , but then, you have to remember that these geo-glyphs are placed PRECISELY in position, so ANY excavation with heavy equipment and trucks is going to erase them. Again, this site being excavated was no doubt marked months before the actual excavation tookplace, to give the protectors time to log everything accordingly. Only then can a recovery proceed, as with Central Park in Kansas. Recoveries have been taking place for ever. There's just so many of them that there's no way to get them all in a short time. To them, a short time would be 1,000 years. But that's not going to happen. From what I understand there are people already befitting from this information.

Re: These Two Words ARE Maps Leading to Treasure. Thanks Mr. Trump
Posted by: chuck, ky
Date: August 20, 2017 08:31PM
Are you paying your taxes on these treasures you've been finding? If not you'd better be careful about bragging about you finds on the internet, Big Brother is watching everything you do or say.

Re: These Two Words ARE Maps Leading to Treasure. Thanks Mr. Trump
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 21, 2017 07:46AM
Sir, with all due respect, I have already told this web site that, NO....I HAVE NOT found any/been into any....treasure rooms....mine....etc. Not that it matters, but long ago I I wrote that letter to the IRS to let them know that I am "letting you know that I'm a treasure hunter" and that I wish to be "legal" in all apects of this trade. Their reply was polite, kind, and helpful. Chuck, I learned along the way that I was better-off working alone, which make a recovery impossible. But it was the chase that I love. It's the constant search for the truth with these signs and symbols that keeps me going. When I find, like i did this morning, that ALL Walmarts sit on top of one of these geo-glyph sites, no matter where they are located in America, least to a treasure. It's a treasure for me to share this information with everyone else, just like i promised my Father (the True Treasure) that I would do.

Chuck, I've gotten responses from people since I began to release this info to the treasure hunters in 1988(?) maybe earlier. The colored ties can't stand me, and that's ok. I don't hate them....not all of them anyway. I just hate their dogma of evil that causes good souls to perish. Anyway......just to let you know, even my Father calls me wierd (peculiar), He calls all of His children strange because it's in comparison to the knowledge and people of the world, and how our knowledge is strange to those people of the world. Not that these worldly people are going to's that these peculiar people have a job to do, a job given to them by Someone Whom the weirdo's love very deeply. And that is how The Truth will set you free. I fear nothing, nobody, no-one EXCEPT for One. Like Paul would quote: We are killed all the day long for HIs sake. We are led like sheep to the slaughter.-----Woe, Woe, Woe, be unto the slaughterers, and the bosses of those swords. Woe unto the colored ties.

Re: These Two Words ARE Maps Leading to Treasure. Thanks Mr. Trump
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 21, 2017 10:00AM
After this mornings finds on google, a symbol that I had known about for decades, yet hadn't fully interpreted, I can see why Central Park is the chosen name for these treasure sites and exist all across America. This "C" is a symbol connected to the opening(s) at the sites, and this word PARK....well....basically the "P" is a Pozo symbol (a breather hole that provides air to the underground tunnel, used especially when creating these tunnels. Every so many feet you had to drill to the surface and punch a hole, then, as with the Spaniards of long ago, a bellows could be used to pump air into the tunnel. they also used the wind with other implements that didn't require manual labor, to channel and force the natural wind into the system below. simply set the opening of the wind-diverter into the wind. the wind changes, then re-set the diverter into the new direction of the wind). With the Spaniard...pozo's will be found about every 40 feet or so, and they are the easiest way to get into ANY treasure site/tunnel. as a side note: when the tunnel was shut down, these pozo's would then be used as death traps while the Spaniard was away.

So....CP (Central Park) means: pozo openings to underground (tunnel). But what is really interesting in the case of these "parks" is that they already have the protection of the sentinels, in that the word "PARK" means that there are certain is you can't dig....PERIOD. This word PARK has more meanings, which I'll leave alone for right now. Just know that from Central Park, to National Parks, State Parks, city parks, you name it....if the word "PARK" is in th ename, it's probably got a treasure/opening.

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