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Another Site To Confirm These Geo-Glyphs Lead To Treasure/Tunnels
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 21, 2017 10:49AM
What I'm about to disclose to you happened a few years ago, in my home-town of Harlan, Iowa. I had already written about how the east side of the Courthouse in Harlan would "show" signs to treasure within the Indiana (Illinois) Limestone that was used in the construction of this beautiful building from 1892. Just like at treasure sites in the mountains of Arizona, this Courthouse kept blowing-me-away as I watched for four hours as the sun exposed the sun-signs AND shadow-signs......eventually going over the peak of the Courthouse, and the light then became a shadow. The signs I interpreted at that time of my life, led (from the Courthouse) to the fairgrounds of Harlan (Fairgrounds almost ALWAYS contain treasures, or are used in helping to lead to treasure.) If you google this fairgrounds, and look just north of the fairgrounds, you'll see a piece of land in the shape of the owl. It's few hundred acres, and since this land already says "OWL," no geoglyphs are necssary. Anyway, I got an old (1886) map of Shelby County, Iowa, from a retired Superior Court Judge. It's a huge map, about 4 foot wide by 5 foot long. It shows 7 treasur elocation within the County (minus the one under Parian Lodge 321) in downtown Harlan. This huge map allowed for me to check out some NEW LEADS leads, which I always find very exciting!! Recently, I was checking these sites around Harlan, Iowa, out on google. First site (of the 7) I checked out...right there it is....the owl.
This owl can be seen by you, to, if you google Harlan, Iowa, find Highway 59, go north a couple miles from Harlan, look for the Harlan Inn and Suites on the west side of 59, along with . This Inn is in the southwest corner of the intersection with 59 and a gravel road. Along side will be found The First Assembly of Gaotu, and Revive Salon. Now look into the southeast corner of this intersection.....huge owl, over 200 feet tall, bleeding through the weeds with all its glory. If you look about this owl, you'll see the figure-8 eyes, right there along the road side. This 8 was put there recently (with the last 150 years) while the owl is thousands of years old.

Re: Another Site To Confirm These Geo-Glyphs Lead To Treasure/Tunnels
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 21, 2017 11:21AM
If you go to the creek just south of the OWL Geo-Glyph, you'll see more then just what I spoke of. It's possible that this OWL is marking the very center of this intersection which, from a satellite, creates an "X marks the spot" type of thing. Same kind of thing with the Church in Westphalia, Iowa, at the very north-end of town.
You'll see on google ( I was led research the towns of America given this name) that there aren't really any nearby Geo-Glyphs that say "Pick me, pick me" out of the hundreds of other glyphs. But there is one other thing that we must look at. I stated before how if the land the treasure is located on is in the shape of the OWL, then geo's weren't required. Now here's another instance of "that which is an anomaly." This church in the north part of Westphalia has a cemetery behind it...typical of this church. So, along the same line as a cemtery, you have to remember this....these treasure trails are marked out with Alpha MONUMENTS and Omega MONUMENTS.
You ever shop for a tombstone??? They aren't called tombstones. They're called MONUMENTS. Catch my drift?? Cemeteries have been locations of treasures since they were created, and were planned long, long before the advent of death.(lol) Belle Starr's original tombstone is a treasure map leading to a treasure vault/entrace that is located right there in the cemetery. Folks, believe this or not...but EVERY cemetery in America has at least one treasure/tunnel opening. This is why there is a mad rush to locate all of these old cemeteries across America........ lost to time and the elements, farming(lol)...all being rediscovered by the "Edomite branch" known as the Mormon Church.(the Mormons are a chapter in this "book" all to themselves, yet they are an intricate piece of this puzzle over-all) Getting back to the topic....this church in Westphalia, Iowa, has the typical cemetery, and then it also has the Cross, which sits high-up, on a MONUMENT (square stone-base monument, not a tombstone). You'll see that the Cross, or at least it's shadow, forms a CROSS on the ground below it. This isn't a Cross, folks, it's an "X marks the spot" type of deal. Look where this "shadow X" hits on the ground, the only area of the cemetery without tombstones. Again, no Geo's necessary....all you need is a working kniowledge of the coded system.

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Re: Another Site To Confirm These Geo-Glyphs Lead To Treasure/Tunnels
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 21, 2017 12:00PM
These church cemeteries which utilize the Cross to form an X, can be "interpreted" ONLY if you have that knowledge of, #1) the exact time of day to know when the shadow-X indeed "marks the spot" to dig......#2) the exact time of year for the sun's proper angle........(what month)......amongst other things. This is especially true when seeing a Cross-created-shaow-X (ANYWHERE) large, open areas. The Cross may be all you have to use to locate the proper spot (GPR) to dig, yet it's still kind of limited in the "arches distance from the MONUMENT....a Cross 50 feet up........would cast a shadow har far??? at the farthest point.

A church in Maine exposes another "typical things that these guys do", it has the Cross (on the roof) for the purpose of making the X...........and this Cross is waaaaaayyyy up there in the air. I sat and watched the extent (range) of this Cross, it was sitting up there so high on top of this building that I had to lie down to even look at it....then sit-up and watch the shadow from the Cross grow out-wards from the church. It was intense. Just where is this room located???!!!??? The shadow-X grew...and grew.....and grew....(get some popcorn) and then it began to slowly, then more quickly, retreat back to its original position on the roof of the church. It...was...awesome...!! The X, before it began to retreat, was on the bank of a river directly behind the church. Even though this Church-Cross-X may NEVER actually mark out "the spot to dig" it WILL, at least, show where to go to pick up the treasure trail (signs and symbols carved on trees, and on huge boulders) and you have to follow the signs to the covered opening of the treasure room. This is how people like you and I get into the tunnel. What about the Priest?? he just goes into his basement and then takes the elevator down (maybe stairs) The church is connected by tunnel to this spot on the river.

Re: Another Site To Confirm These Geo-Glyphs Lead To Treasure/Tunnels
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 21, 2017 12:31PM
I was "working" with a guy from Panama, Iowa, who was re-locating these "lost and forgotten" cemeteries around Iowa and Nebraska. Ron Chamberlain, I believe is the gentlemens name. Nice guy, too. I had just got my Arc-Geo Mini, and was aching to use it to get aquainted with it. I volunteered for Ron for the purpose of gaining my desired practice in the process of locating all of the grave sites in a cemetery that is known about. Some of the monuments were missing, that means the grave is missing. My machine picked them up. I had fun for a while. But as i got to know more and more, and knowing what I did about tombstones, it very quickly became clear just what I was doing. I didn't hear about the Mormon-side of this story until one night when there was a meeting held, and representatives from the church threw me out as soon as I brought up the fact that all they wanted back were these lost treasures located in these lost cemeteries. The sheep at this meeting (about 40) thought I was nucking futs. (imagine that!!) The Mormon representatives were....p.o.'d to the max!!! I smiled the whole 20 miles back to my house!! Needless to say, Ron and I no longer talk (for his sake), and he recently received awards for his achievements in relocating these lost treasures, which, like the totally misled sheep he is, he gave the money rewards back to the foundation. He finds them hundreds of millions, and he gets a 50 dollar check as an "atta boy." Had he been connected, Ron would live in a mansion, with big cars to be driven around in, and the rest of the works. What was that that I said about how the bosses reep the rewards of the labors of the gatherers? Ron's a gatherer. Father calls His Elect peculiar.......Father calls the rest of His children "sottish"...which means "stupid." Ron is sottish. Wanna hear what Father calls the colored ties?? I mean, THEY use this name on us, but it's Fathers word for THEM,'s Goyim, or "cattle." You see, the cattle don't "make it"...only the sheep, and we ARE the sheep...and THEY ARE the cattle (goyim).

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