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Some Maps Are Trickier Than You Know
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 22, 2017 08:07AM
Most maps leading to treasures are very deceiving. While the map IS "saying" to you; "go to Cuba for the treasure room this map leads to" ....and the map has you thinking---- the Island of Cuba-----when, in fact, the map is leading to a mine in Cuba, New Mexico. This actually happened to me. This same holds true with The Oak Island Treasure. I deciphered the map that "they" are supposedly using to locate this treasure, and that map leads to Owl's Head Bay, Nova Scotia. But another map to this same treasure site has the "second" site on the Oak Island Treasure Map located at Oaq North Carolina. And when you google this N.C. Island, and see the geoglyphs all over the place, then you'll know that THIS is the Oak Island where the treasure is sitting. So why does The History Channel continue to create programming about this treasure?? Simple....they are "programming" you to think that there is no such thing as "a successful treasure hunt." If the truth were told, EVERYBODY and their sister would be rich and prosperous. And the ties CANNOT allow that to happen.

This is why I am being so hated on this site, and I love it. As The christ would say: "If the world hates you, know that they hated Me first." Thank-you Father, for Your Son, Yashua.

(yes, chuck, I DO ramble. I warned of this a while back. My brain is wasting away, along with my organs. I noticed this rambling a few weeks ago, and warned you folks of it. But as a True Jew, I'm sure a lot of ties are happy to hear this news. I know I'm happy to hear it. I can't wait to get home. Right now I'm in YOUR neighborhood. But when we all stand before Father, you're now in my neighborhood. At that time, I'll do to you what you do to me. Only your's will be more severe. No threats, just promises.) Like He says...the truth will set you free. And I know that bothers you ties who can't get under my skin with your insults. Or intimidations. And not to be sarcastic, but to be honest, you're just not worth my time. No offense intended.

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