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Mapping The Shipping Routes to Locate Treasure Rooms Over-Seas
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 22, 2017 09:12AM
North Carolina has a very interesting History, especially along the east coast with the Atlantic Ocean. And to refine this even more, and be more specific, the Inter-Coastal Water-Way (ICWW, I=Pozo, C=Opening to subground level, W=Treasure, double W's mean "multiple treasure sites") ICWW means (IF they used it a as code, and they always do) but ICWW means .......when put all together into an order (just like when deciphering pertroglyphs) we get: "this water-way has multiple treasure sites within its boundries." The letter "I" is the ninth letter of the alphabet, and is clearly saying that here are nine major treasure accumulation rooms along this water-way, let alone the smaller rooms that exist along the entire coast of North Click. If you google this water-way, you'll see the two Aztec KIng heads that tell where the Aztecs hid their treasures, as these treqasures waited to be hauled back to Edom, through the Strait of Gibraltor, then on to Turkey and the MIddle East, (where these Tribes originate from), with a route of two going on to Edom, the bosses of the gatherers. The lazy ones who make everyone else do the work for them.
The purpose of this last paragraph is to show how these shipping routes for these treasures can be easily established once you know who the "receivers" of these treasures are. For exmple, I believe the Aztecs are Turks. So, I look on a world map to find the easiest routes, from the Aztecs Monuments at North Carolina, to Russia, Spain, and Moocco (especially Fes, Morocco) and other ME Countries. Our first stop will be at the Strait of Gibraltor, as it's easy to see that this is the easiest route for the Aztecs to take when returning home with ships full of wealth for the bosses. If you look at the southern tip of Spain, and th enorthern tip of Morocco, you'll find HUNDREDS OF TREASURE ROOMS located on both sides of Gibraltor. These rooms continue east along both coasts. Fes, Morocco..... just look at what the colored ties have stashed there!!!!! It's as if the Aztecs hauling treasure from North Carloina would unload at Spain or Morocco (before going through The Strait), then another ship would take the treasure from that point and move it closer ro it's destination of Rush.

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