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The Beale Treasure Map Leads to....(Final Solution)
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 23, 2017 07:43AM
I deciphered this map in its entirety a few years back, and I must was NOT a pleasant map to interpret, mainly because this map is a lie designed to pick the pockets of the sheep, back in 1820, 50-cents at a time. So, as I came to the final solution to the Beale Codes I wrote about that this treasure DOES's just that whewre this treasure exists doesn't allow for any "outsider" to recover it.

As I stated in earlier posts, the DUCK symbol is a major symbol of these codes. And in the Beale Codes your final solution enters into a number 39, which is the number of the DUCK. At the end of these codes you will find that the DUCK does, indeed, exist at the treasure site,,,,,,,,,this DUCK exists as this number in Masonic Lodge 39, in Lynchburg, Virginia. You see, the treasure that the Beale Map leads to is right under the very Lodge that created this farce.

So, looking for something to do today, cause I have no job thanks to the ties, I came upon the idea of checking out this Marshall Lodge 39 in Lynchburg on google and, sure enough, there's the OWL, the DUCK is already signified by the number 39, and if you look at the southeast corner of th elot this Lodge sits on, you'll see a bent-tree limb....bent in the number 4....the Eagle. This "4" says that there's another "site" just to the east, in the woods east of the Lodge. The treasure room is under the Lodge, and, in the woods is the access to the underground. These DUCK trails ALWAYS have two "openings" or two locations within/on the same map/trail. IN this case one is a room, the other is the access. There is alot more going on at the Lodge,(from the air), . You may want to check this site out.

Re: The Beale Treasure Map Leads to....(Final Solution)
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 23, 2017 07:58AM
I forgot to mention the fact that the OWL geo-glyph is under this same bent-tree. The EYES of the owl are also to be found, and if you do a perimeter-search, you'll see much, much more. Like the S-ports P-ark (s-afe p-lace) to the east of this Lodge. Safe Place being "safe because of the fact that the treasure will be left alone." This tactic allows for the colored ties to "confiscate the land" in a way that the public approves. They think it's great that the politicians are actually are doing something for the public!!!! Baaaaa!

Folks, I made a statement about how Father calls His Elect "peculiar" (strange, weird), and that this moniker comes from the comparison of the knowledge of Father's Elect to the knowledger of the "world's elect." Our knowledge IS strange to these folks of the world (ties). I went on to say that Father calls His other children sottish, or stupid. I want to stress that this is AGAIN, based on how they are treated by the ties of the world, except the ties use "nicer" words (or do they?)...they use words like gullible, sheep, targets, and on and on. But that's ok, too. On The Lord's's knowledge is worless (do you hear me Ties?), but the Knowledge of The Father's Word will live on forever, and ever. Amen (that's that)
(unlike the word "manna" wich means "What's That!!")

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