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The Geo-Glyph Treasure Map at the Albert Pike Statue in D.C.
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 23, 2017 11:30AM
The recent straged riots (actors) in Charloteeville, Virginia, saw the left side of America destroy the MONUMENTS to Civl War Generals who served in the Confederacy, as well as other heinous acts. I immediately wondered why Confederate General Albert Pike wasn't being destroyed, even though his statue is located near Congress. I'm curious as to how many people know of these "tie-staged-events." For example, it's the ties who are paying for this stuff to happen. And Albert Pike is THEE most loved Freemason in America. Pike died long ago, but wrote a book that predicted the three world wars, and how the thrid war (that the ties are taking us into now) will result in the entire world being Muslim...or dead. Anyway, this is WHY Pike's statue's will NEVER Be destroyed......the ties don't destroy the statues of their gods.
So knowing this person (Pike) was he was what he was, and that he claimed to be able to get the very presence of any time, and knowing how satan is th eking of the underworld, it made sense to google the two Puke statues (in D.C. and New Orleans). Yes, there's some stuff in N'orlans, but D.C. is the one to google.
When you get to this statue of Pike, go south and notice the "concrete/sidewalk/wall" that forms a sort of triangle. Go to the southwest corner on the inside of this triangle and look for the "squared-notch treasure sign" that is normally used on mountain tops to signify an area of rich mines, or treasure rooms. (like in the Mona Lisa Painting, where the "smile" is a dstraction, designed to keep you away from the TRUE INFO, that true info being the mountain over her shoulder that has all the treasure signs needed to locate a massive treasure room.)
Inside of this squared-notch is found the "figure-8 eyes of the OWL." Another entrance to the underground. There's more.....check it out for yourselves. Such as: "Why is the congress building so close to this Pike Statue (and visa-versa) Oh, and look. There's the Nationhal Law Enforcement Center.......Trump just loves these guys, even though our children (ALL COLORS MATTER) are dying at their hands. The bonuses they receive from their Lodge's for these assassinations will come back to bite them in the bullet.

Re: The Geo-Glyph Treasure Map at the Albert Pike Statue in D.C.
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 23, 2017 11:45AM
This entrance found at the Albert Pike Statue is NOT to be confused with the underground bomb shelters of Washington, D.C. The History Channel haqs shown programming after programming about how these undergrounhd bunkers for the cold war are now deserted, uninhabited. And folks, that's the absolute truth. But what the History Channel does NOT tell you is that the "new" bunkers are a few miles deeper that these bomb shelters ( in the fabricated cold war) Not only that, but unlike a bomb shleter, where you had a certain amount of room to survive in, possibly for years, and soon...cabin-fever sets in....blah, blah, blah....

With these "new and improved" bunkers, the moles can travel from one coast to the other. Under ALL federal buildings are tunnels, and inside of ALL federal buildings are elevators/accesses to the tunnel, just in case the people wake-up all at once and go on a rampage (not like the staged-rampages of the ties that we have today).

The Locust Army will come from these accesses, from all across, all under, America. The locust army was created by the ties, to kill all True Jews and Christians.....and are the "pillars' of your Christian Communities.....just like all the "immigrants" went to Christians Communities (Nations). Rememebr the report from the article in one of my posts that stated that there's a tunnel being bored under a city NEAR YOU?? Why do you think they need all these access points?? To put the infidel army at the heart of the cities/town, as they come from below and surface through Churches, Masonic Lodges (Lodge is another name for Mosque), and every Wal Mart and major warehouse(s) that were set up long ago, long before the advent of Trump. Mr. Trump is the 5th Trump. His sons' name is Barren....and as The Christ would say: Blessed are thos ewho are barren when I return. This means you were not caught in bed with satan. OOOps...there goes the ties!!!

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