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Texas Gyphs (Maps) Lead to Massive Tunnel System (Houston, we have a problem)
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 23, 2017 02:31PM
International Airports are connected by tunnel where-ever possible. For example, tunnel(s) connect Boston and La Guardia (and others) to Des Moines, Denver, then on to the west coast....LAX, San Fran, etc. Connecting tunnels are just like out highway system at ground surface. In between towns there's nothing to look. 'Cept concrete.
The super-sonic train is certainly a plus but, as suspected, only the top of the top get to use it. (this train broke speed-records in the underground tests (years ago), where the resistance to this train (at high speeds) has been practically eliminated, and, in fact, a near-vacuum condition. And it just so happens that there's a location in Texas where you can get aboard this train and take it to ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD that you want to go. While Inter-National Airports (Boston and LAX, etc) are connected to each other....none of these goes "outside the USA." Except for one. George Bush Inter-Continental Airport. It should read: George Bush Inter-Continental Airport AND Inter-National Sub-Way System. This Bush tunnel system is the deepest tunnel system in the world, and it has to be, in order to cross under the "shallowest route" across both oceans and elsewhere.
As with thousands of years ago, when the gatherers created these geoglyphs to be seen from the Sun (from space), the ties continue to use signs to "say to the Sun in space" where are tunnels, etc, are located, and with the Bush Inter-Continental Airport, these designs come in the form of the runways and their "service roads" tha tcreate tunnel symbols. some large, some huge. There are three major tunnel symbols at this airport, indicating the three major routes (directions) the train runs. And then there are a few dozen smaller tunnel symbols, and these are talking about the "connnecting lines" to go anywhere you want...underground. The 3 major tunnels head for England, Moscow, Bejing, and all major cities. The ties on the "other-end" of the these tunnel projects also speed the drilling time in-half by boring from th eother end.

Re: Texas Gyphs (Maps) Lead to Massive Tunnel System (Houston, we have a problem)
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 23, 2017 08:00PM
Looking into this inter-continental airport, you'll find that it's the only one in America, yet its own description calls it an "Inter-National Airport," like dozens of other Inter-National Airports in this Country. This word Continental has a root of continent, meaning land mass, where-as Nations (as in Inter-National) can change geographically over decades is so many ways. A Continent, on the other hand, is a different story. There's a major distinction between Nation and Continent, and this Airport in Houston (George Bush Inter-Continental Airport) HAD TO MAKE THAT SAME DISTINCTION. That it IS NOT ONLY a Inter-National Airport (as in flights by air), but that it is also an INTER-CONTINENTAL "hub" (for travel underground) that serves/will serve the continents(passengers) when SHTF. There will be a period of time needed for the cleansing of the earth as well as the air, etc. And until this cleansing is sufficient for life above ground, the Edomites will be underground. This Bush Airport connects to Denver's new Airport (northern route from BI-CA.
And these underground dwellings will be the "protection from the coming storm".......for the top powers (horns) of this world." (lol) I laugh because their plan is already dead. But, what do I know.....
Bush Inter-Continental Airport.....BIA. BICA. BI-CA. Everyone of these letters are treasure signs. I won't even go into the Geo-Glyph Treasure Maps that prove my point. When you research the possible tunnel routes that didn't require you going down 450 miles deep into the earth's mantle in order to go under the oceans, you'll see where these tunnels are not only possible and probable, then add in all the TBM's (Tunnel Boring Machines), newspaper reports of tunnels at a city near you (from a few years ago).........folks, again, these tunnels started out as mainly just underground rivers that cut through veins of gold and silver. It took the TBM's to do the planned job right, as well as quickly.

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