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EVERY Treasure Map Leads to Treasure Father Meant For HIS Children
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 24, 2017 05:09AM
Every hidden treasure on this earth, and every treasure map that you can find, are all treasures that The Father had intended for HIS children to receive, but these resources were stolen by the children of the evil-one, and for that alone, Father will toast 'em. But even worse, to steal these resources from their rightful heirs, and THEN to STILL force a system of taxation on those same heirs, is an abomination unto Father. And today we are seeing the final-plan of these people, in that they are now eliminating these rightful heirs with the locust army. My fear for this army is so non-existant that I can't wait for the start of the fun. I CANNOT STRESS THIS POINT ENOUGH: Edomites and Freemasons...stay away from me when this happens....stay outta my way. I'll plow you punks over with the "Winds of Change" that will make you wish you'd never been born. Your WM will be just that, Worthless Moron. Father is going to destroy Edom (NOT THE TRUE JEWS OF RUSSIA) and for that reason Edom has been destroying the planet, mainly with Nuclear Power plants (Chernobyl was practice, Fukuashima was done on purpose, and more "accidents" are coming. As radiation kills everyone off you might wonder, "Doesn't this radiation poisoning afffect them, too?" The answer to that questin is Yes.....and ...NO. Yes, it affects them at first, but 6 months ago it was announced by Israel, who is "owned" right now by Her Brother Esau (Edom--meaning Israel today is satanic until Christ returns)...but 6 months ago Israel announced that they had come-up with an "anti-dote" for radiation poisoning that works on the level of your DNA. It was several years ago that it was announced that a "radiation eating bacteria" was created by some other Edomite owned know this Country as America. So, nuclear winter means you go "underground until the bacteria yas done it's job." (the weapons to be used on America, if Father allows it to go that far, will be of the type of bombs that only kill living cells. So when the blast goes off, it will "x-ray" your house, leaving you dead but the house and the belongings intact. There's just a short waiting-period until the radiation levels get low enough, then you just have to take your anti-dote for the radiation poisoning that's left over.

Re: EVERY Treasure Map Leads to Treasure Father Meant For HIS Children
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 24, 2017 05:42AM
Edomites.....YOU ARE ON NOTICE!!! This includes all of your secret societies!!! You wanna make laws that stop Fathers Children from taking-back the resources you have stolen. Father has 7,000 Elect on Earth now. And satn has 7,000 elect that come with him at the 6th Trump. At the 7th Trump (when Yashua returns) the 7,000 of satans elect perish (instantly). My point here is that Satan hasn't even got any of his elect on earth right now. All satan has on earth right now is a bunch of disposable diapers that are full of it. I guess that's why satans children have to pretend their hot-shots on earth, what, with their ego's that cannot be contained (Father humbles His Children), they call themselves MWM (I cannot say it) when they're nothing more than a soul waiting to be destroyed, which will be payment for the destruction they have brought to Father children as well as the destruction they have brought to this planet. They have destroyed truth and justice and replaced them with lies and extortion. How I long for the battle with you dirt-bags. Your Gaotu isn't worthy of licking the sweat off of my balls.

Re: EVERY Treasure Map Leads to Treasure Father Meant For HIS Children
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 24, 2017 10:20AM
To reach the goal of the agenda to rid the planet of Fathers' True Heirs, the Edomites created "campaigns, or slogans" to help in getting-rid of their nemesis'. "The only good indian is a dead indian" was a phrase created for the purpose of getting the new American public to hate the gatherers of the gold, and kill them so that the Edomites can inherit what they trained them to gather and create. Today, this agenda is known as White Privledge, and it's goal is the same as the it was with the Indians,, steal the lands through their demise. Same is happening now, where Esau has "spoiled" his brother, Jacob. Father's @#$%&!! His children are gettting very upset.

A WARNING TO THE EDOMITES AND THEIR SOCIE-----TIES; My Father does NOT live in a building, so go ahead and burn the churches of the preachers of YOUR LODGES and blame it on Whitey. YOU ARE @#$%& us (me) off, the only difference is that when WE get mad....WE bring HIM with us!! Get my point!? My Father lives IN MY HEART.....COME AND TAKE HIM AWAY FROM ME!!!!!

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