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The White House Treasure Rooms, Complete With Maps
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 24, 2017 07:07AM
Googling the White house, along with the "parks" (cha-ching $$) to the north of the White House, and to the south of the White House. The name for the White House, the reason for naming it the White House, is simple. These two letters, WH, in the treasure codes means "tunnel/shaft to treasure" (loose translation). I wrote a while back about all of the treasure rooms that exist within the Chesapeake Bay water-system, and how these rooms contained the wealth for building a New World (Order). The builders of the White House created a massive treasure room under the White House, which served as the first Bank of the American Government.
Many, if not most, Civil War battles took place near known treasure accumulation rooms of the north AND the south. Little Round Top, Gettysburg, etc. are just a couple of the battles that prove this point. The Hatfields and McCoys were a "product" of this war, as one of them wanted the treasure rooms they were guarding to go to the north, the other wanted the south to get these rooms. (research "Devil Anse Rock" at a Popular Mechanics web site. This rock is an MONUMENT leading to several treausre rooms of the Hatfield's and McCoys Lodges. In other words, these two were Sentinels. Anyway, during the Civil War, Union Troops camped on the White House lawn for the purpose of protecting the massive room under the White House (as the Confederates came closer to D.C.). If these troops had wanted to just protect the Edomite President (Lincoln), they could have easily wisked-him away into a "safe place." But the fact is, it was the treasure room that was being protected.
The Freeemasons would prove later, with John Wilkes Booth, that these societies dont' mind "killing their own" when it comes to furthering their sick agenda's.
Yep, just a bunch of good 'ol boys having a good time. How much more of their "fun" can we afford??

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