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Recovering The Afghanistan Geo-Map Treasure Rooms
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 24, 2017 08:58AM
Basically, war is created to steal another Nations resources, but it doesn't just stop there. "Modern Warfare" (lol) consists of Generals who LONGER Learnh War-fare tactics, except for the tactics involved in stringing out a war for the purpose that it was created for. To be honest, these modern wars have two MAJOR agenda being the depopulation of that Nation. Of course, thee number-one reason/agenda is in being able to recover the treasure rooms that these world-wide Geo-Glyph treasure maps. You wanna see some old treasure rooms full of ancient (priceless) artifacts?? Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey....they ALL have ancient, very, very valuable treasure rooms. Funny, their ALL also "on the list" of the 7 Countries that the Bush Administration (W.) designated for war way back when. Maybe the Bushes have a tunnel from Houston to Islama"bad." When you google Afghanistan, you'll see one of the most "mosaics" on earth. You'll see on google ALL the treasure rooms that the Chinese are over recovering right now, have been for a decade or more. One nephew who went there, spoke of how they "protected" these Chinese sites as they were recovered. And right'll also see the resource that America is mining while using the war as a's called "fields of Poppy." We get the opium/heroin, the Chinese get the gold rooms, and the Edomites get both. It's what we call "a team effort" for Edom to rule the world. So, the Edomites swamp America with pure heroin, but even that doesn't kill 'em off fast enough. So then they add Fentynal to it, and Elephant tranquilizers where this stuff can KILL YOU ON CONTACT. But, STILL not enough people are dying. So they create the agenda to rid the pharmacies (sorcerers) of the legal heroin (lol) that people can't get these medicines even WITH a prescription, which drives them to the heroin on the street (which they are totally unfamiliar with) and as soon as they open their first bag of heroin from the street, they reach in with their hands....touch the poison-laced-heroin...and dye immediately.

Re: Recovering The Afghanistan Geo-Map Treasure Rooms
Posted by: Frostjack77
Date: August 24, 2017 09:07AM
And the!!!! They know W.H.O. they're protecting. They go on TV to tell the community that they are busting down on Heroin due to recent over-doses. So these masonic mis-fits go out and get pusher after pusher after pusher (Iran-Contra Affair style) to get arrested for dealing, yet the "source of death" cannot be touched because they own the banking industry and use the billions of dollars they reap to accumulate money (gold), then turn around and have their friends, the Rockefellers, give them even MORE money when Trump proses 2 billion dollars to "treat the public for addiction." The Rothschild Edomites profit from killing us, and the
Rockefeller Edomites profits from your taxes with their "hospital system of death."

(it's not insane to speak the truth. It's insane to believe the illusion. Where the infidels claim to be "boss")

Re: Recovering The Afghanistan Geo-Map Treasure Rooms
Posted by: Tom_in_CA
Date: September 07, 2017 07:40PM
Did it ever occur to you that you've gone over-board with "conspiracy theories" ? Oh wait.... you won't read or answer this. Because I know you from the past. You will post this stuff, but never answer any critical reviews of your notions.

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