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question about tr-disc mode on the scorpion
Posted by: bigdawg47
Date: May 04, 2011 07:50AM
is this mode only good in heavy nails or will it work good in heavy big iron and how does this mode work thanks hal

Re: question about tr-disc mode on the scorpion
Posted by: metalhead
Date: May 05, 2011 10:07PM
I'm not versed in the science or technical aspects of exactly how the TR Disc Mode works. There are some on the forums here that are quite knowledgeable in that area. Monte and Uncle Willy sure know alot about that kinda stuff. You may want to ask on the general Metal Detecting Forum section.

Okay, as far as the TR Disc working in big iron, it's probably the best mode to use for that as long as you don't need to detect very deeply. Any big iron can trick a discriminator circuit because of the size it has a higher conductivity.

I just use the Scorp for prospecting. The only times that I use the TR Mode is to identify hot rocks and check ore samples.

Best of luck to ya!:biggrin: Happy Hunting!:smile:

The only thing that I hate more than digging pulltabs is missing a gold ring!

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