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ground balance scorpion
Posted by: littlenugget
Date: May 24, 2011 08:40PM
hello everyone. i know that i have been making a lot of questions about garrett scoprion, i should already have my scorpion in my hands but its not here yet :closedeyes: in this days i have been searching a lot about the scorp, you cant even imagine how much, maybe i think i made a bad decision of buying this detector

i have seen so many videos about the at pro , gold bug, etc , and only there are 4 videos of the garret scorpion that i have found on you tube 3 them are from the garret lessons part 1, 2, 3 and a dude comparing the scorp and at pro with ace 250, those are the only videos i have found, i just don't know why are there so few videos of the scorpion, that makes think a lot

you cant imagine how many question i have for the scorpion , maybe if there were a lot more videos like the at pro and gold bug and many other detectors that would help me a lot, but well i just cant do anything about it, tha scorp is on the way so i have to learn this detector

my biggest concern is , guess what the famous ground balancing , i have seen tons and tons of bad reviews about this, i Had already made a question about this and bugar in explained me this, i didn't really under stand him.

here it is again , many people say that sometimes you have to ground balance the scorp when in all metal mode depending on the area you are searching, ok that's easy to under stand

since i haven't had my scorp with me, my question is how do i know that i have to ground balance my detector, what is ths sound or signal that the detector makes sound. increases? sound decreases? makes a wierd sound? what????????

please try to explain as simple as possible, and thanks again


Re: ground balance scorpion
Posted by: John-Edmonton
Date: May 25, 2011 01:19AM
If you want to get maximum depth, by all means ground balance it. It costs you nothing, and the more often you ground balance it, the more proficient you will become. Build a test garden.. you will learn more about your metal detector in 20 minutes then hours in the field. I hope this helps...

The Scorpion is a very good metal detector. You have to learn how to use it though. Keep plugging (pun intended) with it. :)

Re: ground balance scorpion
Posted by: Fishers Ghost
Date: May 25, 2011 01:28AM
Without going into the techo details:
The ground mineralisation can cause a detector to to detect the ground like a metal target. in 5 ways,
1. the threshold increaces as the coil approaches the ground.
2. The threshold decreaces as the coil approaches the ground
3. the threshold does not change when the coil approaches the ground.
4. The threshold increaces and then decreaces as the coil approaches the ground
5. The threshold decreaces and then increaces as the coil approaches the ground

You will have to Ground balance if the threshold changes as the coil approaches the ground and you adjust the ground balance control so that there is no change or very little change in the threshold as the coil approaches the ground.

With the Scorpion you can set a threshold in the Motion Disc mode but in this mode the Ground balance is preset and fixed to a degree that enables the detector to operate in this mode over a wide range of ground mineral conditions. In this mode you will know if the ground minerals are too high when you lower or raise the coil to and from the ground you hear sudden loud noises or a chattering effect. When this happens you can try lowering the sensitivity until the chattering/noises stop. or switch to All Metal mode or try another area to search. At the beach you could try using the TR mode and use the Disc control like a sort of Ground balance control to reduce the effects of the salty sand.

In the Disc mode you can in general for any given target and ground conditions, expect to get only 1/2 of the depth obtainable in No Motion All Metal Mode

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Re: ground balance scorpion
Posted by: darinwc
Date: July 14, 2011 12:32AM
Ive watched the videos and this is the way its supposed to work:

Ground balancing:
all metal mode. Set volume until you hear a medium buzz. Hold the head about 1 foot from the ground. move it down to the ground. if the signal increases, LOWER the ground balancing knob. if it decreases, Raise the ground balancing knob. After each adjustment, hit reset button (resets volume only) and repeat until no change in sound.

That said, I get mixed results with it. Sometimes it just whines for no reason.

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