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Got My Scorp!
Posted by: Flying4Nuggets
Date: September 27, 2011 11:01PM
I got a new Scorp that I bought from 'Mr.Bill' just today!

I have ZERO MD experience, but already found some treasure with my young son today on our land and he loved it (a very small staple, a nail, and half a small rusted washer).

We live in rural Colorado on some land thats close to the state's bigger gold mines. Sort of gets the mind going...

So much to learn... Motion DC or All Metal Mode? Is there special tuning for gold or use all metal? I know it will all come in time, and with help from the folks here, but can't wait.

One last thing. Mr. Bill is a Stand Up Guy. Saved my family some serious money and then some. Everything was just like he said.


Enjoy :) :)N/T
Posted by: Mr.Bill
Date: September 28, 2011 07:55AM

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Mr. Bill

Re: Got My Scorp!
Posted by: XT18000
Date: September 30, 2011 07:52AM
Colorado is a little short on large nuggets like the find in AZ. Calif. and Nv. but they have there fair share
of small ones. Just remember to go LOW AND SLOW! Also check the depth of the ground you are hunting
down to bedrock. Any detector can only see only so far down so you need to keep your coil over ground
that it can see the full depth to bedrock. Yea' you "CAN" find Gold in ground that is way deep to bedrock but
it will be rare. Maybe some place that just had a landslide or flood but for the very best chance of finding
Gold with a detector you need to work it over shallow ground. With the Scorpion and its 5x10 coil that means
12" will be about max for the normal size nuggets that are found in Colo. With the 3x5 coil this will be less,
maybe 8". Hunt with the odds in your favor and you will find more Gold!


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