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John/Edmonton and others........what technique do you use........
Posted by: Ivan
Date: September 09, 2012 05:38PM
to hunt gold rings in parks and on soccer fields? With no target id or multi-tones , what kind of a system do you employ? How do you zero in on the more likely targets? What is the criteria? Thanks guys.

Re: John/Edmonton and others........what technique do you use........
Posted by: Bugar In. USA
Date: September 10, 2012 10:39AM
OK- well I'll tell you how I do It, in my area, I live in a metro area of 2,165 residents, and they are just now figuring out what soccer is, John-Edmonton lives in a metro area of slightly over 1,034,000, and a city of around 800,000, so our tecniques are probably different, he has much more to pick from than I do, as my best year so far has been only slightly over $7,200.00 in a year,, and i only have around 4 years practice with the Scorpion line, he does much better as the larger area he is in and we have a larger unemployment base. all according to the internet info.
So for my hunting the best results I have been using the pre set marks on the face, sometimes going less on the disc, and slightly higher on the sens, and making sure my ground bal is right on, threshold just above a hum-more of a loud hum, and I dig all the solid sounds, solid hits that repeat that way, usually if it kind of breaks up some it is a chain, or junk, gotta dig to find out, I pinpoint off the very tip of the coil, as with some practice it is usually accurate within 3/8 of an inch, with the small coil or large, i use the smaller 3 x 7 a lot, sometimes i use the larger in larger areas, so actually, dig the solid repeaters, might get into checking using the all metal mode, but not necessary tho., all in all GOOD LUCK, and lear the detector, TOSS SOME RINGS ON THE GROUND, PLAY WITH IT.:garrett:

Re: John/Edmonton and others........what technique do you use........
Posted by: diggindirt
Date: September 11, 2012 08:43PM
Thanks for the informative post! I've been itchin to get out with a Scorp for years and just might do it real soon!

I like the 15khz and all metal mode + TR circuit on it...........used a few fine TR/VLF machines back in the day and really luv the way a good analog machine talks to you:biggrin::thumbup:

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