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new scorpion user
Posted by: trinity sanders
Date: November 19, 2014 11:40AM
good day my fellow friends just picked up a old school scorpion to tinker around with purchased off e bay for a good price....then I called kellyco and got the 3x7 and also purchased a custom audio amp to go along with ....I just love old detectors I mainly hunt for gold but my gold finds have gone to s@#$% so I sold my minelab and went back to basics

Re: new scorpion user
Posted by: Fishers Ghost
Date: January 17, 2015 04:17PM
The Scorp is a good Old school gold detector and still finds gold today as well as it ever did plus it serves as a nifty coin and relic finder.
Hope you are having fun with the scorp.

Re: new scorpion user
Posted by: BillNEWAST
Date: February 24, 2016 03:05AM
the Scorpion can be used for Sampling Ore on a Dump!

Bill "Lost Adams"

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