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Scorpion as a non motion relic detector?
Posted by: james1969
Date: February 23, 2015 06:58AM
Hello I detect in Europe and am looking for a non motion detector to detect woodland and pasture, I have seen a mint Scorpion for sale and am very tempted to buy,If I were to find the big 12 inch coil for it would it make a deep relic detector...has anyone tried this....any info would be appreciated.

Re: Scorpion as a non motion relic detector?
Posted by: BillNEWAST
Date: February 22, 2016 06:26PM
james1969, I have the 12" coil for the Scorpion and just went outside and Air tested the 6x10 elliptical and the 12" round coil on a 1 gallon paint can. this was with New Batteries in the Scorpion.
6x10 elliptical 12" round coil
pint jar full of
Pennies w/old zinc lid. 18" 24"

gallon Paint Can 20" 24"

In my instruction Manuel I have written down that the 12" round coil should find a zinc jar lid at 24-36" and the gallon paint can should read at 6'.
The 5x10" should read jar lid at 18"-24" and the gallon paint can at 3'-4'.

I'm not sure if my readings are Typical as the 12" coil has a small crack in the housing and this could affect the guts of it. I didn't seem to find a Clean area in the time allotted to ground balance well. I also didn't turn UP the Sensitivity past the preset so this could affect the TEST such that it was.

Bill "Lost Adams"

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