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Re: TTF, TTC, 4TF, and 4TC - E-Trac Setup Visualizations
Posted by: ~ACE~
Date: June 25, 2014 07:46PM
Definitely going to try 4TC on my next hunt! I'll hit the same area where I got the 5 8Reales. I gridded it and worked it hard in TTF. I'm really curious now! I'll keep everyone posted. Thanks for the great info!!!

Re: TTF, TTC, 4TF, and 4TC - E-Trac Setup Visualizations
Posted by: SouthernSilverSeeker
Date: January 22, 2015 10:44PM
I am so glad that I saw this! Thanks alot for posting it! I spent this past weekend on a combo deer hunting / metal detecting trip about 2 hours south of here. A few spots I have down there are older home sites that are littered with iron and nails. I was so pumped about going there and using the TTF mode, but was highly, highly disappointed. I guess I never read enough on it and didn't realize that rusty iron would give me high tones and I am sure I had some crazy looks on my face when I was getting these awesome tones and pulling up rusty iron pieces from old farm equipment. You just don't hear about that much on posts nor YouTube vids....people just act like it the answer to pulling coins easily out of iron-infested areas. I just loaded the "Just The Good Stuff", 4TC & TTF patterns and saved them as modes and plan to use them this weekend. I do have a question for you though...I am a little confused by your statements on the right side of the 4TC pattern chart that you made. Under "Optional Additional Disc Zone" you state "silencing high tones above 15Fe will keep the focus on good metals and silence the distracting nail responses". Did you mean to say silencing BELOW 15 Fe? Also, is the optional disc zone on the right side all below 15 Fe and everything conductive from 32 to 50 below the 15 Fe? I printed the charts off but do not have a color printer and was setting up the patterns while looked at the printed charts, so I was still seeing horizontal lines but of course couldn't see the red, but looked at it with the color and am still a little confused. I kinda have the same question on the TTF chart....where it says "Deeper Coins in Iron / Heavy Mineralization".....would it hurt to also disc those areas out?

Re: TTF, TTC, 4TF, and 4TC - E-Trac Setup Visualizations
Posted by: mark v
Date: February 04, 2015 12:50PM
One of the things that became clearer to me in comparing the choices of modes for the E-Trac was just how efficient the 4TF is...

TTF doesn't isolate the deep coins that fall below 17Fe, it is all Low Tone down to 35Fe. There is no audio variation alerting you to a possible coin amongst the iron.

TTC makes all the low conductors like rings, jewelry, and nickels fall into the Low Tone, which is not ideal if audio variation to those targets is desired. Second, TTC produces a High Tone for both high conducting silver and ferrous nails. Thus, a silver quarter is audibly the same as a nail at 35Fe, all High Tone, which is not helpful.

4TC is a mode that does nothing well. Tonal zones don't correspond to desirable targets and doesn't alert to anything in particular. Leave this one alone.

4TF has it all, for me. Doesn't require much DISC to isolate the audio. The Low Tone, above 30Fe, is a tone with a high probability to be iron, and can be ignored (without using DISC). Those Med-Low targets are possible coins in iron and deserve some audio alert, which they get. The Med-High alerts to a zone that centers on 12Fe, the line of best fit for most coins, rings, and jewelry. The High Tone hits the silver/gold high conductors.

I agree. This sums up my experience with these settings.

Re: TTF, TTC, 4TF, and 4TC - E-Trac Setup Visualizations
Posted by: dbado1
Date: August 11, 2017 03:48PM
Where can I find the 4TF just the Good Stuff Pattern to download ?


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