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Anyone have crosstalk between the 13" Ultimate coil and Garrett PP?
Posted by: Grunter
Date: March 11, 2015 03:32PM
I recently aquired the Ultimate and have noticed it picks up on the Garrett PP real bad. It is the only coil in my group that does this. I use a Whites TRX as a back-up and it doesn't talk to the Ultimate. I've tried noise canceling while the PP is on to no avail. The only thing I can do is lay my detector about and arms length away with the coil extended to the outside. Anyone else have this problem? Also can someone give me some guidance on PP with the Ultimate. It seems to have a sweet spot the entire length of the coil.

Re: Anyone have crosstalk between the 13" Ultimate coil and Garrett PP?
Posted by: ironsight
Date: March 13, 2015 03:52PM
There's a lot of Ultimate and Garrett PPer combinations out there. Haven't heard of this being a common issue.

Since there's also the issue of PPing with your Ultimate, i'm wondering if its defective or possibly the coil connector is not screwed on tight.
The coil cable shielding is there to prevent external EMI from entering the control box. The cable shielding makes electrical connection to the control box via the connector nut threads. The connector nut needs to be 'reasonably' tight and corrosion free.
Its also possible the connector itself, the cable or solder connections could also be bad.

I'd unplug the cable and carefully look at both the eTRAC and cable connectors for bent/spread contacts or corrosion then retighten it back on.

Its also remotely possible the PPer itself is defective radiating out more EMI than it should picked up by the Ultimate coil.
If available, i'd try borrowing another Garrett PPer, Ultimate or eTRAC, experiment and see what happens.

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