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I bought a TDI-SL detector a couple week's ago
Posted by: Keith Southern
Date: January 25, 2012 06:39PM
And notice not alot of talk on the forum's about them....

I will add My first couple of hunt's impressions...I use it for relic hunting in North Georgia red clay...

1-Really smooth threshold even when ran wide open....

2-Extremely light for so much power...

3-Seems a little hotter on low conductor's when compared to the regular TDI and Pro I have had...( Jumps on brass better in my opinion)

4-Target response is a little quicker/narrower on the audio but I believe it is because of the quitening circuit..

5-Ground balance is a little tricky in the super mineral area's...( the area's that the F-75 balances at 90 and max's out the Fe bar's)These area's are usually on top of the hills around here with red clay and ho rocks galore....but this is the area the TDi's really shine..the VLF's call just about all item's in these area's past 4 inches iron...But once set it is good to's just a tight area ..

I notice they added the on off switch to the Ground Balance control....It causes the balance not to work till it get's to 2 a separate switch would allow it to have full 1-11 like the big box and it may cover the same area but they have condensed it into a smaller area because of the switch...I dont know..
But I dont work with it below 2 most often ....

6-Battery system is top notch...tried and true so no worries..Battery life is about 5 hour's on the recharge...

7- Depth compared to the TDI big box...I am on the fence on this one........I think it is real close....reason being...I can run the threshold right on the edge of silent actually between silent and audible hum there is a secondary thresh that is more of a higher pitch sound that is also stable and it can hear the slightest warble that the big box can not....I believe you get real close to the same depth in ground with either machine because of the thresh hav ing to be higher on the big box to smooth it out or having to turn the gain back on the big box to get it barely audible...Like all machine's there is nuances to be leanred to make them compete equal or real close....

8-Nails are tricky on it...maybe more so than the big box but I have not really learned the trait's yet...I am starting to pickup up on some certain aspect's of the tone that are identifiable to it's not fair to make a complete statement about the one's better than the other at this point..and probably never will be fair...they are separate/different machine's.

One thing we need to remember is we are actually running this platfrom wide open full gain when comparing it to the Big box which is being run for the most part at half gain....There will be difference's...One is going to be ground bal.....I saw a video of a guy having a little blow back from the ground when ground balancing .. comparing the big box to the sl ...well the SL was running wide open and the Big Box was turned back 50 %...turn the the big box up to a higher gain and see if the same thing does not start to happen..

We ought to be excited to be able to push all the power with minimal problem's....I know the TDI big box is running 14.8 volt's and the SL is at 12 but that is still close..

I am not sure how the voltage work's on the TDI's... Does the gain control the Pulse power or ? If it does you can get the picture of the scenario's that can be played out...

Just a couple of week's of use but I like the platform...sure is light and powerful and super smooth....

Use quality headphone's for the real week hit's....

Couple of quick airtest depth's if it matter's....ground balance set for the conductor of test....

Eagle coat button 19.5 inch's
Three ring minnie ball 18 inch's..

Looks like they have reduced the cost and not alot of performance.....I am sure they will tweak it from here on this platform..They will have more profit on this setup...


Re: I bought a TDI-SL detector a couple week's ago
Posted by: Barney II
Date: January 25, 2012 08:07PM
Keith----Thanks for the excellent run down--it is right on. You are right about not much being said---probably have to give things a little time to get worked out . Again what you had to say was great-----Thanks----Don

Re: I bought a TDI-SL detector a couple week's ago
Posted by: Digger Bob
Date: January 26, 2012 04:38PM
Your observations are spot on Keith. You have covered most everything and then some. The little bounce back ping has been eliminated in the newest production models. It's a simple fix and the factory will install a diode at no cost if it bothers you. I have not seen any loss in performance with it but have not tried one of the new ones yet. And it only happens in certain types of ground.

I don't mess with the GB for ID'ing nails. I use the pulse delay and a couple other tricks, mostly sound. Works on hot rocks too.

The quieting circuit dampens the reponse to marginal targets at depth but the trade off in smooth threshold more than makes up for it, if used properly. Be sure to move slowly! You'd be amazed at the difference in target response.

I dont' use it for coin or relic hunting, just nuggets, so can't comment on how it works in your area. But it"s my go-to machine for just about all areas for gold.

Digger Bob

Re: I bought a TDI-SL detector a couple week's ago
Posted by: wltdwiz
Date: January 26, 2012 09:15PM
nicely written ty
this is the kind of in ground testing ive been looking for on the tdi sl
unbiased in field testing
i want 1 im gonna get 1 as soon as my ship comes in
then i can attack the az desert & get me some of the deep nuggets :thumbup:
thanks for the report
good hunting


Minelab EQUINOX the new grab & go

Minelab SDC 2300 for the nuggets

Minelab SD 2200d w/ 14x7 nugget finder coil for the deep nuggets

Minelab gold monster for the nugglets

Garrett Pro Pointer / land & sea pinponter

Re: I bought a TDI-SL detector a couple week's ago
Posted by: fredm
Date: January 30, 2012 02:42PM
Digger Bob, a question , please...why not for hunting old coins? the Orinial Tdi worked great when set per directions, for finding silver and other coins without digging most iron ot pulltabs...


Re: I bought a TDI-SL detector a couple week's ago
Posted by: Digger Bob
Date: January 31, 2012 02:46PM
Hi Fred,
I just don't do much coin hunting any more, but when I do, I have a good coin machine to do it. The TDI will certainly work and work well for coins if one takes the time to learn it for that aspect. I have three gold machines, each one suited to the particular area I want to work. Same thing goes for coins I guess; use the proper tool for the job. I could use the coin machine for gold too, but it's not the best tool for that kind of hunting, and I would miss gold. With the TDI, I could use it for coins, but I would have to decide which kind I would rather find; silver and copper or nickels and gold rings using the conductivity switch. In a good area I would then have to hunt it twice to get everything. So, in the long run, it's just easier to use a coin machine and learn it well for what it was designed to do.

Digger Bob

Re: I bought a TDI-SL detector a couple week's ago
Posted by: fredm
Date: January 31, 2012 07:14PM
I understand...just thought there may have been a radical change...but it is simply personal preference and experience...

thanks for answering


Re: I bought a TDI-SL detector a couple week's ago
Posted by: GunnarMN
Date: August 18, 2012 01:35PM
I would love to get a TDI SL someday , after wathching digger bobs videos, you can see it is a really nice machine , and I am not a whites fan, but this detector is somthing special.

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