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TDI S/L on Low Conductivity (Question)
Posted by: cookie58
Date: July 25, 2015 04:27PM
With the TDI S/L in Low Conductivity and less GB, small pieces of iron are really liked. It seems to dislike more so when you advance the GB (toward 9). Is that possible? Exactly opposite in High Conductivity. Thanks....D.

Re: TDI S/L on Low Conductivity (Question)
Posted by: Grilled Scallops
Date: July 26, 2015 04:37AM
Yep, it's working right. Reg and Steve first pointed out that this observation can turn the TDI into a coin hunting beast. You've already discovered the important part - lower GB throws iron into low conductors. Hence, hunting for coins (switch in "high conductors") with a low GB will knock out iron. Furthermore, if you want to get real fancy, try setting your GB to zero, then 4 or 5, and comparing these signals. Do it for junk and do it for coins. You'll find that you can eliminate even more junk by observing changes in target response with changes to the GB. I made a bet with myself that I could have a day of coin hunting in a park and not dig a single piece of junk, and I did it with the TDI pro. It put a huge smile on my face and suddenly I was back on google earth looking for good fields again, after over a year of only beach hunting! I even invested in a bullseye TRX pinpointer because suddenly land hunting was interesting again. I've already found some good silver and plenty of clad!

Conversely, one can set pulse delay and GB very high to throw iron into high conductors if one wishes to hound the low conductors. Note that you won't get rid of pull tabs or bottle caps this way, but at least the iron is out. Low conductors are real tough and I've challenged myself to dig every low conductor on a field that recently gave me some good silver jewelry - there's gotta be gold lying in wait. For another day, though. I have a new digger in the mail that will hopefully speed up the process quite a bit, as I'm anticipating an enormous amount of targets. Now, I am still amusing myself by plundering the snot out of the clad and silver jewelry at local parks with the aforementioned strategy. It will be a sad day for the VLF that comes in after me.

Re: TDI S/L on Low Conductivity (Question)
Posted by: filternozzle
Date: November 05, 2017 05:07AM
You will never get rid of all iron because some iron is low conducting and other iron is high conducting.....

Happy Hunting
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Re: TDI S/L on Low Conductivity (Question)
Posted by: markg
Date: November 05, 2017 04:59PM
Exactly right low ground balance will still allow the larger nails to be fully heard.
I might add lowering the GB to 0 reduces the actual detection depth on high conductors too.
But there is a trade off..........

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