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Looking at adding a large square coil for my TDI Pro :wink:
Posted by: Mega
Date: June 29, 2017 08:14AM
Have located a square framed coil for the TDI Pro,have just made the frame up and this cost peanuts as its made from 3/4'' waste pipe and the coil wire is attached by using velcro.

The actual dimensions are 2mtrx2mtr or about 6+ftx6+ft so its pretty big when its put together,but by using dry joins rather than glued ones so that it can be taken apart for transportation.

Standart type coil 2x2m. Can use it of any PI detectors.
Coil data:
Inductance-It depends on the form which is used.
For 2x2m. about 550-600uh

Pretty certain that the coil will work almost straight out the box,of course it wont detect small items as its main targets will be hoards and massive deep artifacts,only problem that i may come across is location of the control box that would normally be either chest mounted or hip mounted but of course as one would normally suspend these types of coils from 2 straps from either should,what i am thinking is that the coil could well pick the control box up as well.

So if i do have problems of control box pickup will be to have a 2nd person carry the control box outside of the coil,the made up coil should take 2-3 weeks to arrive,so will update on the results,should give me some additional depth over the stock 12'' DF coil :rofl:

Deus and Nexus MP main everyday detectors

Displays on a Detector are really the equivalent of relying on sub-titles,give me a Analogue machine anyday.

Some of my site specific use machines.
TDI Pro 20'' Mono
Nexus SE dual 9'' coil
Nexus MP 14x13
Fisher TW-5 twin box
Crossbow PI 14x9 Mono
Mirage PI 5'' Mono
DFX 18'' Detech
T2 SEF15x12
IDX Pro 15'' Concentric
B1 and B3
Trident11 Extreme NEL Snake

Re: Looking at adding a large square coil for my TDI Pro :wink:
Posted by: doc holiday232
Date: June 29, 2017 08:37AM
Very interesting---keep us posted.

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