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Re/ Saltwater Coils
Posted by: cjc
Date: December 11, 2017 12:43PM
My W/P TDI Pro has great performance as a wet sand machine. But when it get into the deep water with fast current it's becomes harder to tune. While it still can be stabilized up at 17.5 uSc, this is higher than even a DF runs. Is there a coil that is waterproof; and has more stability / shielding than the stock White's coil? so many great products around--all for land.

Re: Re/ Saltwater Coils
Posted by: sonnar28
Date: December 11, 2017 09:02PM
Would the Whites TDI Aussie 12 inch mono coil provide better stability in the strong surf? Or perhaps adding a ferrite filter?

Miner John may have some older molds for open 10 to 14 inch coils, I believe he can resin fill a custom made coil to make it essentially waterproof, but the coil will need to be weighted to keep it down. You may want to check with him.

Good luck with your search.


Re: Re/ Saltwater Coils
Posted by: cjc
Date: December 12, 2017 04:45PM
Thanks for your reply, Charles--some great ideas. Wish I'd remembered to try the Ferrite shield--got em on my DF's. It would be great to run this machine at 10 uSc (or thereabouts) with some Gain...

Re: Re/ Saltwater Coils
Posted by: lucar
Date: December 13, 2017 01:20PM
I used both, the standard 12" DF coil and the 12" mono oz coil down to neck level deep seawater. The latter is more stable and insensitive to tiny bits of iron; unfortunately, mine had shielding damaged by use or some water got inside and it's no longer working correctly.
The 12"oz mono is out of production and no longer available from Whites, so I got a Miner John 14x8 mono coil that I'm installing in my waterproof SL.
First air tests suggest that the coil is quieter and at least as sensible as the 12".

I wouldn't suggest use of the 12"DF in seawater, the coil in my opinion has too much sensitivity to the water column and bits of rust that are usually present in the seabed near the shore. I anyway had great success using even this coil as a backup to the mono.


Re: Re/ Saltwater Coils
Posted by: cjc
Date: January 14, 2018 04:43PM
Thanks a lot for your reply, Lucar. For sure the stock coil screams in the waves unless you run way up at 17. Will look for the one you describe or see If Miner John can build me something with an epoxy core.

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