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Nugget Finder Evolution 19”
Posted by: gflores71
Date: June 07, 2018 05:56PM
I have used the NF Advantage 25” in the past and just received the 19” Evo.
Will not get to try it for a few weeks but will let you know how it works.


Re: Nugget Finder Evolution 19”
Posted by: stephenscool
Date: June 07, 2018 10:36PM
Weight? Will it pick up gold rings?

Re: Nugget Finder Evolution 19”
Posted by: Mega
Date: June 08, 2018 01:21AM
Gilbert,will be interesting on some feedback on this coil,the largest round coil i use is the 20'' Jimmy Sierra one,mainly bought for one specific reason large objects ie large artifacts and hoards at great depth,its not particularly good on single coin size items at depth,but i never bought it for that use.For coin and smaller items then i use the Coiltek 14x9 as i can swing that coil all day long without any form of fatigue.

Re: Nugget Finder Evolution 19”
Posted by: gflores71
Date: June 08, 2018 11:49AM
I am currently in the CIty, so I want to be fair and try it out in the woods with no interference. This was sent to me from Australia, by Rohan owner of NF. He was afraid this coil may be too hot for the TDI compared to the Advantage line. This new series has parallel circular windings and is supposed to make it more sensitive.

Weight wise... for the size I would say average. After working the 25" this will feel a little lighter. (1120 grams or 39 ounces)

As for a ring, I would expect it to pick it up. My 25" was surprisingly sensitive to small items.

On Large targets (cache size) the 25" excelled !! better than my TM 808. So I expect this to be the same.

I will be doing all of Reg's Mods later this year as well.


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