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Need help
Posted by: Louie24
Date: July 26, 2017 04:07PM
I need the help of a person skilled with a metal detector. I'm in Washington ,Illinois. I cannot find my water shut off valve for my house. It must have been hit by a mower and the top is gone. I rented a detector but had no luck. If you would like to help, please email or call 773-220-6725. I need to shut off the water and I cannot do it. I'll do the digging if you can do the detecting. Please help!! Thanks Julie

Re: Need help
Posted by: Nancy-IL
Date: July 27, 2017 06:27AM
Hi Julie, It is possible to find the water shut off valve but I think most are operated by a special type of large key/tool. Have you called Washington City Hall or the water department to come and shut it off? They would have records as to where it is and the tool. I'll send you a text later this morning.


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