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ATpro and salt water beaches
Posted by: Heras
Date: June 15, 2011 02:01AM
Hey. Got my "new" at pro after lots off issues and im testing it on the water on some beaches near here.

One thing i noticed is that i canot use it at more than 7 bars of sensitivity inside the water, otherwise i get a lot of chatter. And ideal is 6. This means a lot of depth lost. On land it does ground balance until it is silent but in the water it wont ground balance until it is silent. It just makes noise all the time while you press ground balance.

Im not finding anything on the water. Just 2 coins on a place where there was a hard soil but nothing on the sand at waist and chest deep. Its a bit frustrating i dont know if im not getting depth and thats why im not finding anything.

Other thing i have noticed is that in it will do false signals (not as with first one but still it does) if a strong wave comes and makes the coil vibrate and if i hit the floor or put it in the ground on land for recovering a target. It wont false much doing the wiggle but will definetly false if you touch something hard. idnt tried yet with grass and so, i hope it doesnt false with it.

Is anyone finding stuff at salt water beaches with the at pro??? what depth?


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