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AT Pro "Notch" question
Posted by: davkeene
Date: February 04, 2012 09:35AM
If I wanted to just "Cherry Pick" a certain area for coins (dimes, quarters, halves) and notched out from "0" to "85", would I lose depth and if yes, approximately how much?

Re: AT Pro "Notch" question
Posted by: Grunter
Date: February 04, 2012 10:20AM
I think you would be losing more coins than you would find. My PRO hits nickels at 52-53,dimes at 78-82, pennies 76-78,quarters 81-85. Thats just been my experience. I hit a 1914 Barber dime at 8" the other day. It bounced between 78-79 on the vdi scale.

Re: AT Pro "Notch" question
Posted by: khouse
Date: February 04, 2012 11:03AM
I haven't noticed any loss of depth on any notch machine I have owned when using alot of discrimination. The ATpro's included. Reject as many as you want. That's why they are there.

Re: AT Pro "Notch" question
Posted by: BigCatDaddy
Date: February 04, 2012 11:07AM
I have to agree with Grunter. You might cherry pick a few, but you would lose those deep ones, not to mention the ones lying next to other types of metals. For instance, a nice Barber dime is at 4" with an ID of 82 and tight next to it, a square pulltab with an ID of 56. Your ATP will probably detect both as one object as they are right next to each other and return an ID of 68-69, occasionally jumping up into the 80 range and down into the 50 range. Most would say junk target and move on, I would dig. You, on the other hand, would hear nothing. Run in Zero disc with however much Iron Disc is needed for your site and let your ears do the Disc for you. If you wish to cherry pick, just dig all of the 80-90's and....... let me know where you hunt so I can come dig that Barber dime!!

No Loss Of Depth.....
Posted by: John-Edmonton
Date: February 04, 2012 11:32AM
When you notch out a particular area(s) you are only removing the audio for that particular notch(es). You might however lose the target, as oxidation, orientation of the target towards the coil, depth etc. can all change the conductivity of a target enough to change it's conductivity up or down a notch. If you want to cherry pick, do remove notches, however leave a variance of notches near the "wanted" notches.

Still, the best way to cherry pick, is to keep the volume at a comfortable level and use your coil, ears and & grey matter between your ears as a true guide. :)

Re: AT Pro "Notch" question
Posted by: GoGoGopher
Date: February 04, 2012 12:47PM
John has it right...your NOT Disciminating (this affects depth), your just stopping the detector from sounding off on a target zone...The detector still sees and displays the target, you just get no audio response...Depth is unaffected...
The more you notch, the more you leave behind...Dig it all...


Deactivated at users request 08/26/12

Re: AT Pro "Notch" question
Posted by: davkeene
Date: February 04, 2012 02:42PM
Thank you all for the very good advice. I do appreciate it. Dave in N.E. Penna.

Forgot To mention:wacko:
Posted by: John-Edmonton
Date: February 04, 2012 06:56PM
Removing or adding notches does not change the depth, however, most metal detectors which use knobs to set discriminate settings, usually on an accumulating basis do in fact lose depth. The more discrimination you add, the more depth loss. A lot of modern metal detectors don't use knobs anymore. Tuning knobs belong on old televisions and radios.

Re: Forgot To mention:wacko:
Posted by: andycush
Date: February 17, 2012 07:02AM
Hi, a much better way to cherry pick is to notch nothing out and just dig the solid two way signals in the number range you are looking for and yes you will miss more than you find notching out that high, cheers Andy

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