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Headphone problem?
Posted by: Welwood470
Date: October 08, 2012 02:54PM
I broke out the ATpro after a dry spell (the heat). I am only getting one channel on 4 different sets
of headphones that all worked before. I changed the batteries even tho was showing fully charged,
disconnected HP adapter from control box and checked it out, twisted HP plug slowly, wiggled connector wires and
finally did a reset. No joy. Any other suggestions? We're headed up to Tenn. to visit grandkids and
I can get by til we get back if I have to send it in. Thanks

Re: Headphone problem?
Posted by: ralph
Date: October 08, 2012 05:57PM
My headphones have a mono/stereo switch on the side the wire goes to. If urs does also whatever position it's in turn the switch to the other position, see if that makes a difference-.

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Re: Headphone problem?
Posted by: William-NM
Date: October 09, 2012 09:20AM
Adding an inline volume control (available at Radio Shack or eBay, etc.) solves some problems. I had to add one to silence the speaker on the detector, and I get sound on both sides. A stereo to mono adaptor might also solve the problem.

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Re: Headphone problem?
Posted by: Welwood470
Date: October 09, 2012 02:21PM
I should have added I also have the in-line volume control. My Garrett headphones, Sunray Pro golds, Auvio wireless, and another
backup set all do the same. One channell only, right side only. They all work fine on my other detectors. Speaker works fine.
I think its probably in the control box or the Garrett phone adapter. I'll probably send it in when we get back from our trip.

Re: Headphone problem?
Posted by: controlfreq
Date: October 09, 2012 09:20PM
Did you try it w/o the inline volume control? If not, remove it and try it with the Garrett stock headphones directly connected.

Also, that little pin on the OEM connector is easy to bend if you are not careful.


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