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Last 3 Hours Worth Of Coin Hunting With The AT MAX:blink:
Posted by: John-Edmonton
Date: August 19, 2017 08:07PM
Out trying to get used to how the AT MAX hits clad. I turned down the sensitivity down to 5/8 bars, as it was picking up too many targets. The place I hunted today, although not old, was saturated with iron junk. It works similar to the AT Pro as far as audio goes, just a lot more powerful. The AT Pro could usually run at 8/8 bars sensitivity. The AT MAX should do real fine in areas known for deep targets and not too trashy. I had switched to my 9" x 12" concentric coil, preferring to pinpoint off the inner coil. That allowed me to save time by leaving the deeper targets in the ground. Depending on how the audio cuts out, tells you how deep the coin is. A sudden cut off means the coil is shallow, and a gradual shutoff of the audio means it is deeper. If the Pinpointer wouldn't beep on the target, I just left it in the ground.

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