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A New AT Max Owner
Posted by: Coin Rescue Inc
Date: September 22, 2017 08:04AM
Hi all,
Thought I would chime in here as I just received a new AT Max on Monday.
I waited all summer for the units to arrive.

My Back ground is
Age mid 60's
Experience 5 years detecting
My Arsenal at this time is Compare, Mohave, X-Terra 305, Ace 350, F 75 and a Mine Lab SE Pro

The features that interested me on the AT Max are

Water Proof
Wireless Head Phones
Iron Audio
Also just trying to master new technology really. Also keeping up with the latest tech stuff.

I had the unit out two evenings so far - started in a Tot Lot with wood chips for easy pickings - was also drizzling.
Pick up two copper memorials right away at the bottom of the wood chips 6-8". The audio was low indicated deeper target
Then three hard hitting quarters.

Since I am just learning the machine I will be in the background reading up on the posts to learn what I can

I am also interested in getting an elliptical coil for the AT Max - I use a 9 x 5 solid DD on my F 75 and has worked well for me. Deep, Pinpoints Great and Lighter than the standard.

Can anyone suggest what works good for them on the AT Pro/Max?

Thanks in advance


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