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AT Max hunting trip and backyard test.
Posted by: earthlypotluck
Date: September 22, 2017 08:34PM
Disclaimer: I have severe high-pitched hearing loss so your results may vary.

Day 1) The AT Max is definitely strung out on caffeine. I can get approximately 1 ¾” more in an air test with a clad dime compared to the AT Pro. This air test was also conducted in my house. This brief test was completed with my 5x8 and 5 bars of sensitivity. (8 bars are maximum)

For my hunt on day 1, I went to a picnic area from the early 1900’s. I found a bunch of lead bullets and that was about it. Must have been the Wild West while they were enjoying their picnic lol :rofl:

GB machine This helped quiet the Max considerably. This wasn’t an issue with the AT Pro but on this machine, it needs to be precisely GB.
Zero Mode
00 disc
Sensitivity 5 bars
+1 on the threshold (very light audible tone)
5x8 coil

Day 2) – backyard testing

Dug a hole, and used my tape measure to get a depth of 7” then buried a silver quarter.
Sensitivity at 8 bars (max sensitivity)
GB at 94
Zero mode
Threshold 00 (meaning there is no audible tone. 01 will give a very light tone)
5x8 coil

No problem hitting the quarter at this depth with the above settings
Next, I adjusted the sensitivity from 8 bars, then to 7,6,5,4,3,2.
The Max hit the quarter at 7” steady at 2 and 3 bars of sensitivity but no TID
At 4 bars of sensitivity and higher I had TID

Conclusion: the Max is extremely powerful even with very little sensitivity. Use sparingly.

I then returned to the 8 bars of sensitivity and then adjusted the threshold.
As I scanned back and forth over the silver quarter I kept on reducing the threshold until I reached the max of -9.
This is what I learned: from -1 to -6 in threshold, no indication of audible change.
However when I reached -7 -8 – 9 I can hear the audio changing. Basically, the more negative the number the audio softens and is not as clear and sharp like -1 through -6.

Personally, I do not like the way iron is reported with these wireless headphones. Too overbearing for me. I like running Iron disc at 00 and sometimes up into the 20’s and that is about it. The iron snap,crackle, pop, and clicks sounds like it echos in the wireless set and to me it’s very irritating, overpowering and distracting to hear good non-ferrous targets. I wish there was an adjustable iron audio. :smile: Again, this is just me and others will most likely disagree with my assessment and enjoy the audio output of the wireless headphones. I am going to buy the headphone adapter and plug my Sunray Pro Gold in and take it for a ride with the Max. I run them with the blast limiter switch On so it deafens the surface target blasts and enables me to hear the deep(er) targets. If this doesn’t solve my dilemma, I may have purchased the wrong machine. ☹

One last thing (for now)
I noticed I had to slow down my swing even more so with the Max then the Pro. It almost seems like the reactivity was increased as well?

I am going to try and get out this weekend and take it on it's 3rd trip.

To be continued.

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Re: AT Max hunting trip and backyard test.
Posted by: Buddy_TX
Date: September 22, 2017 08:45PM
Jim you are right on track with my testing as well, But I use the MS-2 phones , have not tried the wireless. Audio not as loud as my pro but sure like the recovery rate over the pro. Yes you slow your search speed way down and it will really surprize you.

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Re: AT Max hunting trip and backyard test.
Posted by: jim tn
Date: September 23, 2017 05:57AM
Very good report, Jim. and thanks. HH jim tn

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