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Maxing out my weekend
Posted by: earthlypotluck
Date: October 02, 2017 07:49PM
Hunted a couple of different locations this weekend. The area where I found the wheat cents is well pounded and doesn't give up much anymore. (silver would be nice :smoke:) One thing I really enjoy with the Max is the fast reset in iron. That is where my wheat cents were pulled from - a place that is horrendously loaded with iron junk. Even set at 5 bars it sliced and diced through the iron and picked em' right out. ID was relatively steady too. Sometimes TID jumps wildly and I am not sure why as I am a VERY slow scanning hunter. More time is definitely needed. The keys are pretty interesting. I found them on a very steep hill. (This is something I normally do not do but I was thinking back in history of what use to be here and thinking there might just be some old coins sitting on this hill.) I was doing everything I could not to end up at the bottom and in the brook. I am wondering what the key from Montreal, Canada was for? Looks like maybe it went to a payphone to unlock the box full of change? (remember those?) Any ideas what it might go to? The "poor" person that lost these keys.... maybe an angry ex tossed them over the cliff :rofl:
The UMC 45-70 was an extreme surprise to find for the area I was in. Been through here many, many times with the Pro too. It gave off a nice soft high tone at a solid 7". Seems to date to the late 1890's to early 1900's.

Settings -
GB 94
5 bars of sensitivity
5x8 coil
-3 threshold
iron disc @ 30

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Re: Maxing out my weekend
Posted by: jim tn
Date: October 02, 2017 07:57PM
Keep on slicing and dicing, that older ground has a silver still hiding. HH jim tn

Re: Maxing out my weekend
Posted by: John-Edmonton
Date: October 02, 2017 10:11PM
Nice headstamp! I enjoy finding those and seeing how old they are......

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