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Wow! Lots Of Great Stuff The Last Couple Of Days:detecting:
Posted by: John-Edmonton
Date: May 17, 2019 11:14PM

Too funny, started the day off meeting my buddy at a Honda Dealer dropping off his car for some work. On the way out, there was a Canada Goose on one of the cars. As it turns out, one of the tasks that the receptionist has to do is to try and scare that goose away. The funny thing is, it just fly's from one car to another. It must keep hers quite busy. :rofl:

Well, here's the place we hunted today. Kind of creepy though. One of my first finds was a geo-cash. I signed it and returned it to it's original place.

After a good 5 hours hunting, we managed to find all of this.

Here's the best of the best!

And yesterday, I headed down to the local river for some gold digging. The river kept rising, and pretty soon I lost my gravel bar under water I was chomping away on, so I finished early. Still, a nice batch of flour gold for such a short time.

And, as usual, I pulled out some nice finds out of the gravel.

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