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F-coils for the Gold Bug..... :clapping:
Posted by: Dave J.
Date: November 12, 2010 01:51AM
The new Bug (and also Tek G2) are designed to work with the Tek "Greek series" (also known as "Frat Bros.") series DD searchcoils, which at this time (Nov 2010) consists of a 5 inch round and an 11 inch elliptical.

Some people have gotten creative and plugged in other searchcoils from the FratBros and F75 series just to find out what happens. Results have been mixed. Because of manufacturing variation in searchcoils some individual ones of a particular type may "work" and others may not work. The ones that "work" may in fact exhibit subtle performance deficiencies, or may seem to work fine today but not tomorrow.

FTP-Fisher explicitly un-recommends that people purchase anything other than searchcoils specified for use with these units. But if you have one of our other searchcoils anyway, there's nothing to stop you from plugging it in just to see what happens. It won't damage the machine. Note however that Tek T2 searchcoils flat out won't work, they're wired different.

This question crops up on such a regular basis that I invite the moderator to make it a "sticky".

--Dave J.

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