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Coils - Screw connector to Push in plug - Prototype
Posted by: BH_Landstar_
Date: March 01, 2011 09:39PM
Please note - Not all coils will work, The G2 and the Gold Bug Pro / SE was designed to work with the 5" DD and 11" DD coils. The following is no way an endorsement for you to go and buy coils for other metal detectors to use on the G2 or Gold Bug Pro, if you do, it's at your own risk.

Not sure if some of you know, but some coils for some metal detectors can be used on other metal detectors. An example here is the 'Greek Series' from Teknetics (Alpha 2000, Delta 4000, Gamma 6000, Omega 8000). After extensive research I have found that these coils will also work on the Fisher F5. These same coils also work on the Teknetics G2.

The G2 and the Gold Bug SE / Pro use the same coils (the same metal detector), these being the 5" DD and the 11" DD. After doing some tests with my F5's 10" coil (which is also the stock coil for the Omega 8000) on my Gold Bug Pro I needed a way to use the coil on my F5 again without having to unsolder / resolder the plugs.

The 10" coil that came with the F5 was the push in type using a 6 pin DIN plug. To use this coil on the Gold Bug Pro I had to replace the plug with a 5 pin screw connect plug. Now, with the F5 only 5 pins are used out of the 6 pins in the plug, so this was not a problem when I changed the plug to the 5 pin screw connect type after working out how both coils are wired to the plugs.

So, anyway, one of my projects was to build a patch lead to allow me to use the 10" coil on the F5 as well as the Gold Bug Pro.

I had a problem, I could not find a cable connect fitting to make the lead, so I was left with having to use a chassis mount screw connector fitting along with the original plug from the F5's coil and a small length of 5 core cable.

Total cost to make this patch lead was less that $6.00 ! Yes, less than SIX BUCKS !!

This has just saved me some bucks ($169.15 saved) as I now don't need to buy two 11" DD coils for both metal detectors, all I need to do is buy the 11" DD for the Gold Bug Pro and it will also work on the F5 with the patch lead.

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Re: Coils - Screw connector to Push in plug - Prototype
Posted by: Dave J.
Date: March 02, 2011 12:53AM
Thanks, BH Landstar. I admire your adventurism, and I appreciate your careful warnings that results are not guaranteed in experiments of this sort.

The Gold Bug /Tek G2 platform was designed to work with DD configuration searchcoils. During development we didn't even consider concentrics because they are inherently unsuited to the kind of circuit we wanted for the GB/G2. Quite by accident, it was later discovered that some "Greek series" and even F75/70 searchcoils would often work, or at least seem to work.

That's how it is. The factory would gladly tell folks to buy those other searchcoils (more $!) if they were manufactured to work properly with the GB/G2, but they are not. We advise people not to buy those other coils for the GB/G2 because there was never any intention for them to be compatible. If you have such a searchcoil anyway, it won't harm the GB/G2 to try it out, but if you're throwing in a connector adaptor, if it's wired wrong it could damage the machine. So be careful!

--Dave J.

Re: Coils - Screw connector to Push in plug - Prototype
Posted by: godigit1
Date: March 02, 2011 02:10AM
Hey BH Landstar,
Nice job on the connector. I think when you get that 11dd and a chance to get out you will love it. Between the 11" and the 5" you can really light up some ground.
I thought I had the back yard pretty cleaned out with The 5dd but now that Ive started re hitting it with the 11 more targets are coming.
The broach came from a spot I worked pretty hard with the 5.

To Dave Johnson...
Posted by: sgoss66
Date: March 02, 2011 10:01AM
Mr. Johnson --

Thanks for your very clear post above. I have an F70 and 5" DD coil, and just bought a Gold Bug DP. I was hoping to try out the F70 5" DD coil on the Gold Bug, to see how well it works. I guess what you'd say, based on all you have posted on these forums in the past, is that it won't hurt for me to hook it up; if I am satisfied with the performance, then I can use it. If I am not, then I should buy the 5" DD for the Gold Bug (or, the 5" DD "greek series" coil, either way). Is this correct?



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Re: Coils - Screw connector to Push in plug - Prototype
Posted by: rockpup1
Date: November 01, 2015 11:38AM
How do the wires work out on the adapter.Pin one to pin one on all 5 and don't connect the 6 pin on the one plug?
Need a adapter getting a new delta for $200 Canadian cant turn down,would like coils to work on gold bug pro.want 6x9 love those coils.

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